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  • Brasserie Lefebvre Hopus " Yield of the Harvest - Work of the Brewer " Blonde with copper reflections, topped with a generous head, Hopus derives from a secret batch brewed for the marriage of Paul Lefebvre.  It has a unique and original nose, a blend ofvegetal, citrus and fruit notes.

  • Moeder Overste (Mother Superior) is a triple beer with 8% alcohol content. With its full, strong taste, it is possibly one of the best brews produced by Brasserie Lefébvre. Moeder Overste has a golden hue and is perfumed with spices, wood and fruit flavours mixed with malt to produce a fine bitterness.

  • Brasserie Lefebvre Barbar Thickish-honey blond pale ale with a fluffy white head. Honey-malty aroma with a touch of orange and apricot. Good carbonation and a smooth and filling mouthfeel with earthy notes. Sweetness towards the bottom of the glass.

  • Lefebvre Barbar Bok A dark mahogany colour, almost black with a tan head. Lots of lively carbonation visible. Fruity smell of oranges, honey and spices.

  • Quintine Blonde 33 cl - pale blond ale; smooth and robust with a pronounced hop taste. Brewed at Brasserie des Légendes (Brasserie Ellezelloise)

  • Floreffe Triple Abbey brew (Brasserie Lefebvre) The powerful Triple undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle and was the favourite drink of monks at the Floreffe Abbey; if they were late for service or at meal times, they were not allowed their share. Swingtop bottle

  • Floreffe Blonde Abbey brew (Brasserie Lefebvre) A light, golden abbey pale ale, with a complex aroma blending malt, caramel and notes of fruit such as banana or pineapple. Swingtop bottle

  • L'Abbaye de la Paix Dieu Triple used to be brewed by the Paix Dieu abbey, where the lunar calendar played a central role. The brewery is committed to preserving the soul of the abbey and hence, this beer is only brewed when the moon is full. The result? A creamy triple full of character; an artisan beer, brewed following the pure tradition of Belgian...

  • Floreffe Prima Melior Abbey bre (Brasserie Lefebvre) Prima Melior is a connoisseur’s beer, complex but accessible. Stored under good conditions, the aniseed notes give way to woody, almost maderised notes, a must for lovers of matured beers.

  • Braserie des Légendes Nature (formerly labeled as : Quintine Bio-Organic beer - 100% natural beer)

  • Brasserie Lefebvre Hopus Primeur 2020 For this 2020 dry-hopped edition of the traditional Hopes, the brewery added an American hop with fruity notes of fruity notes of grapefruit and notes of wood and spices. Taste young!