Beer Gift Ideas & Giftboxes per beer-style


Beer Gift Ideas & Giftboxes per beer-style 

  • Brouwerij Boon Oude Geuze VAT 86 BOX of 12 x VAT 86 Mono Blend VAT 86 is made from lambic that comes from Foeder 86. VAT 86 is made half with new (2016) staves and halkf with old staves. With this combination VAT 86 is characterized by touches of woodcaramel as in cognac, smokey vanilla-arcmas and aromas of peaches and tropical fruit.

  • Brasserie d'Achouffe Brewery Pack (7x33cl) + FREE Chouffe Glass: La Chouffe Mc Chouffe Houblon Chouffe N'Ice Chouffe Cherry Chouffe Chouffe Soleil Chouffe Blanche + FREE Brasserie d'Achouffe Glass

  • Chouffe Coffee 70 cl + 2 Chouffe Coffee Glasses Gift Box Chouffe Coffee Liquor is made with Esprit d'Achouffe and of course coffee and should be drank hot (max. 60°C) with the glass filled to the top with whipped cream. The Chouffe Coffee Liquor can also be drank an apéritiv or ice-coffee. Belgian Finest Taste

  • De Dolle Brouwers Brewery Pack: Dulle Teve (mad bitch) Oerbier Nat & Straf Lichtervelds Blond 9% Boskeun (easter beer) Extra Stout Arabier Stille Nacht 2020 (christmas) Pale Ale XL (40th anniversary brew) Special Oerbier Reserva 2017 (barrel-aged) UNIQUE BREWERY PACK

  • Box of Cashmere (12 x 33 cl) Duvel Tripel Hop Cashmere 2020 9.5% Belgian IPA - dry-hopped Cashmere hops 3 Hop Varieties used : Cashmere - Saaz-Saaz - Styrian Golding Cashmere hops enrich Duvel's unique pallet with refreshing notes of citrus, peach, melon and tropical coconut.

  • Elixir d'Anvers & Elixir de Spa Gift Box (2x 20 cl): Elixir d'Anvers (pocket bottle) 20 cl Elixir de Spa (pocket bottle) 20 cl  

  • Guinness-Timmermans Lambic & Stout Gift Box + Timmermans Glass 6% Proud collaboration brew with Guinness & Brouwerij Timmermans (the world's oldest lambic brewery)

  • Gulden Draak : 1 x Gulden Draak Keg 5L 2 x Gulden Draak Tasting Glasses (Dragon's Egg-style) FREE Gulden Draak Barmat Perfect as beer-gift or to bring to a party

  • Hanssens Artisanaal Oudbeitje 6-Pack (6x37.5cl) Fresh Belgian strawberries macerated in young lambic in oak barrels with fermentation in the bottle. Hanssens is an artisanal Gueuze-brewer, the last fully independant Gueuze-brewer left in the world !! Champagne of the Valley of the Zenne

  • Brasserie Lefebvre 4-Pack + Hopus Glass: 4 x Hopus 33 cl 1 x Hopus Glass 33 cl + Yeast Glass 5 cl + Hopus cardboard giftbox

  • IPA Brewery Pack : Kerel IPA Poperings Hommelbier (4 HOPS) Triporteur Bling Bling Imperial IPA De Plukker Keikoppenbier Hoppy Blond De Ranke Taras Boulba Extra Hoppy Session Ale De Ranke XX Bitter - Whole Hops 't Ij van de Duvel Hazy IPA Triporteur Party on a Jamaican Beach NE IPA BBP Delta Saison IPA + FREE BBP Juice Junkie NE IPA CAN

  • Brouwerij Bosteels Karmeliet Tripel (3x75 cl) : 3 x Karmeliet Tripel 75 cl + FREE Karmeliet Tripel Glass 33 cl

  • Brouwerij Bosteels Karmeliet Tripel Brewery Pack De Luxe: 12 x Karmeliet Tripel 33 cl 1 x Karmeliet Tripel 75 cl 1 x Karmeliet Tripel Bar Runner 1 x Karmeleit Tripel Paté 180 gr FREE Karmeliet Tripel Bottle Opener FREE Karmeliet Tripel Glass 33 cl

  • Castle Brewery Vanhonsebrouck Trignac Tripel Aged in Cagnac Casks 2019 Gift Box

  • La Trappe Trappist Gift Box: La Trappe Quadrupel 2019 1.5 L (magnum bottle) La Trappe Trappist Glass 33 cl La Trappe Bartowel La Trappe Cap La Trappe Bottle Opener La Trappe Beer Coasters

  • La Trappe Koningshoeven Witte Trappist 9-Pack (9x33cl) + FREE La Trappe Witte Trappist Glass: 9 x La Trappe Witte Trappist 33 cl + FREE La Trappe Koningshoeven Witte Trappist Glass 33 cl

  • Monte Cristo 5-Pack + FREE Monte Cristo Glass: 5 x Monte Cristo Sherrywood Cuvée 33 cl FREE Monte Cristo Tasting Glass

  • Oude Geuze Selection "Made in Brussels" of Lambic blenders and brewers (12-Pack of 75 cl bottles) : Lindemans Cuvée René De Troch Chapeau Timmermans Girardin Black Label De Cam Oud Beersel Dekoninck Moriau Boon Cantillon 3Fonteinen Hanssens The most complete Oude G(u)euze selection available ! Ideal Pack for the novice and experienced Lambic fans

  • Passchendaele Brewery Pack : 10-Pack + Bar Runner + FREE Passchendaele Glass: 4 x Passchendaele Blond 33 cl 3 x Passchendaele Ginger White 33 cl 3 x Passchendaele Porter 33 cl + Passchendaele Bar Runner + FREE Passchendaele Glass

  • Trappistes Rochefort Brewery Pack: 2 x Rochefort 6 33 cl 2 x Rochefort 8 33 cl 2 x Rochefort 10 33 cl Rochefort 8 2020 75 cl + NEW Rochefort Triple Extra 2020 33 cl (new release)

  • Tempelier (Templar) 75 cl - corked bottle Cilinder Box + Tempelier Glass Golden colored blond ale brewed by Du Bocq (Corsendonk)

  • Waterloo Gin Mont-Saint-Jean 3-pack: Waterloo Gin Waterloo Oak Infusion Gin Waterloo Sloe Gin