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  • Guylain Chocolaterie
    Guylain Chocolaterie

    Guylian Chocolates, the world's most famous manufacturer of Belgian chocolates.


  • Côte d'Or
    Côte d'Or

    Côte d'Or is Belgium’s favorite chocolate brand.

    Since its introduction in 1883, Côte d'Or has been a standard for lovers of premium chocolate. 

    The boldness of the cacao beans in the hands of Belgium’s legendary chocolatier explains why this classic Belgian brand has such a loyal following and a strong reputation in the chocolate world.

    Cote D'Or

  • Choc-o-lait


  • Antwerpse Handjes Andes Chocolatier
    Antwerpse Handjes Andes Chocolatier

    Antwerpse Handjes Finest Belgian Chocolate

    The Antwerp Legend Revealed

    Antwerp's Legendary Taste

  • Perrette Chocolade
    Perrette Chocolade

    Perrette Chocolade - since 1904

    Chocolate manufacturer of the 1st Belgian chocolate bar

    Made in Antwerp

  • De Ryck Beer Chocolate
    De Ryck Beer Chocolate

    Chocolate 'pralines' made with De Ryck beer