Gourmet Food


Gourmet Food 

  • Abbey & Trappist Cheese
    Abbey & Trappist Cheese

    Trappist and Abbey cheese is well-known among foodies and gourmet food lovers in Belgium and far beyond.

    Belgian breweries and Trappist Abbeys often make their own cheese made or washed in the beer they brew.

    Abbey and Trappist cheese make the perfect pairing with a glass of Belgian beer!

  • Paté and Rilettes (by De Veurn'Ambachtse)
    Paté and Rilettes (by De Veurn'Ambachtse)

    Belgian Paté and Rilettes are unique 'Gourmet food' products often made with Belgian beer.

    Paté are perfect to pair with a glass of beer from the same brewery.

    Made by Patémaker De Veurn'Ambachtse

  • Sauces & Condiments
    Sauces & Condiments

    Typical Belgian-made Sauces & Condiments

  • Spreads - Jams - Jelly
    Spreads - Jams - Jelly
  • Sirops

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor luikse siroop logo

  • Lambic Cheese
    Lambic Cheese

    Cheese washed in lambic ale and then laid to rest in the lambic cellar to fully absorb the full flavor of the lambics.

  • Honey

    Meli Honey Products

    100% Belgian Made