Cachaça Barrel-Aged


Cachaça Barrel-Aged 

  • 17,50 €

    La Trappe Quadrupel Oak Aged Batch 35 37.5 cl In 2009, the Koningshoeven Brewery reinstated an old tradition by aging La Trappe Quadrupel in oak barrels, thus creating a unique Trappist ale with a perfectly balanced flavour, special aroma of wood, and an alcohol content of 11%. Batch 35 : Used Cachaça Barrels 78% - New Oak Medium Toast 17% - New Oak High...

  • 4,40 €

    Struise Aestatis Reserva An amber Saison from Flanders in Weber Hans Cachaça Premium Brazilian Rum Barrels for 5 years. Cask Strenght Edition