Chimay Trappist Cheese


Chimay Trappist Cheese 

  • 37,50 €

    Père Trappistes de Chimay Le Poteaupré Cheese La crème des fromages trappistes Creamy Trappist cheese made with regional cow milk Net weight = +1 kg Its round shape, its floral rind, its soft, smooth texture and its distinctive, pure, clear taste make this the cream of the Trappist cheeses.

  • 8,80 €

    Chimay cheeses are made throughout the year, but the Trappist cheese is also made during season. Chimay Eté-Zomer has a fresh Summer flavor Chimay cheeses are also recognised as Trappist products. Like the beer, the cheese is made using local products in order to ensure superior quality. The cow milk used to make the cheese comes from local farms within...