Chimay Trappist Cheese


Chimay Trappist Cheese 

  • 8,50 €

    Chimay Trappist Cheese - Grand Chimay Authentic Trappist cheese made with fresh, creamy milk from the Chimay region. A truly outstanding product, thanks to its mild taste and smooth texture. It blends perfectly with the slightly fruity taste of Chimay Red Cap.

  • 38,50 €

    Père Trappistes de Chimay Le Poteaupré Cheese La crème des fromages trappistes Creamy Trappist cheese made with regional cow milk Net weight = +1 kg Its round shape, its floral rind, its soft, smooth texture and its distinctive, pure, clear taste make this the cream of the Trappist cheeses.

  • 8,00 €

    Chimay Trappist cheese ‘à la Chimay Bleue’ is both distinctive and mild. Chimay Blue cheese is washed several times in Chimay Blue Cap (dark) beer as it matures, lending it a strong taste which perfectly offsets the slight bitterness due to the hops. The cheese blends perfectly with the slightly bitter Chimay 'Blue Cap'.