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Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs. Handling fees are fixed, whereas transport fees vary according to total weight of the shipment and the location of the delivery address. Watch the shipment info displayed in your cart.

TIP : Every 5 and/or 10 kg, the shipping cost increases.

So if you see that the shipping cost increases, consider removing 1 product to minimize your shipping fee. Or fill the box up until the next shipping rate-level.



Your Belgiuminabox will be dispatched at your own risk, but extreme care and attention to detail is taken to protect fragile objects, like our precious beer bottles and original, vintage glassware.

Belgiuminabox is proud to be able to say that they basically never experience breakage and have a near 100% satisfaction rate for shipping and handling of the boxes.

Some clients like to call the Belgiuminabox packaging "Armageddon-proof" !!

Kurt, the shop-owner is using very reliable tubes to pack the often rare & exclusive beers.



Each and every Belgiuminabox is carefully packed and "sealed" personally by Kurt.

This is done just to make sure your newly purchased Belgian brews and beer-glasses will make the journey to it's final destination in perfect condition.

a belgiuminabox box


At Belgiuminabox, we consider it to be extremely important that the person receiving his/her order should be thrilled and excited to find a real Belgium-in-a-Box at their doorstep !

Total satisfaction is very important, therefore optimalization is done at every level of the buying process. Together with specialized packaging companies in Belgium, I constantly look to improve the quality and service of packing and shipping.

After all, buying from (for you or someone else) should be a hassle-free and fun experience !



Returns Policy

Belgiuminabox boxesIf you need to return a product purchased from then you have 14 working days to do so. The returned goods must be in a reasonable state and any goods or accessories that accompany the returned product must also come back to us. We are unable to refund postage costs.

Again, ask Kurt for necessary info.

Damaged Goods

Please check your item upon delivery to ensure that it is the correct item and has been delivered without damage. If you receive the wrong product or a damaged product please contact Kurt for followup action.