• Brouwerij 't Paenhuys Bohemian IV Artisanal pale lager by Paenhuys - their first - intended as a Bohemian Pilsener, but brewed with wheat, rice, and oats.

  • Brouwerij 't Paenhuys Brewery Pack (2x4x33cl) : 2 x Schapenkop Tripel 2 x Witte Mie Witbier 2 x Zwarte Zjef Stout 2 x Bohemian IV (pilsner) + 't Paenhuys Glass

  • Brussels Beer Project Wunder Lager - India Pale Lager This low alcohol percentage lager is not light on flavor. With a floral nose and citrus hints, this clean crisp beer will surely quinch even the biggest thirst.               

  • Cristal Alken-Maes is the house-hold name for Pils in the Belgian province of "Limburg" Cristal Alken 6-pack Tip : Serve the beer cool at 3 °C

  • Brasserie De La Senne : BOX of Zenne PILS : 23+1 FREE = 24 x 33 cl + FREE Zenne PILS Glass Zenne Pils is a bottom-fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurized beer. The traditional method of decoction with which it is brewed adds depth and complexity to its malty character.

  • Brasserie De La Senne : Zenne PILS (6-Pack) 4.9% Unfiltered Craft Lager

  • Sulzbacher's Ginger Tipple 5% 4.8% ABV made the same way as the regular Ginger Tipple, but with less sugar. This makes a smoother beer with a different level of ginger flavour to its stronger cousin, more like a Pilsner. MADE in Antwerp

  • Jupiler 0.0% PILS 12-Pack (12x33cl) CANS 0% ALC - 100% Beer

  • Jupiler Blue PILS 6-Pack 3.3% (6x33cl) CANS Belgian Low-Alc PILS  Belgian's Favorite PILS!

  • Jupiler (PILS) Perfect Draft Keg 6 L (600 cl) Note : The keg can only be used in a "Perfect Draft" Tap-installation (By Philips) See for user instructions on the keg Worldwide Shipping - Shipping throughout Europe Easy & Fun to use Enjoy Jupiler 6 L keg on draft in the convenience of your own home !!

  • Jupiler PILS pack of 15 CANS Content : 15 x 35.5 cl cans

  • Jupiler Pure Blonde PILS 6-Pack (6x33cl) CANS High Quality Belgian Lager with 50% less calories

  • Brasserie L'Ermitage Laboratoire d'Alchemie Dark Lager 4.8% Travail n°3 Dark Lager Nelson-Sauvin (2 labels: green & white)

  • Passchendaele Blond The Great Beer Passchendaele Original Blond BEER BREWED IN MEMORY OF THE BATTLE OF PASSCHENDAELE 1917

  • Brouwerij Haacht Primus Pils - 24 bottles including the crate Haacht is the 3rd ranking Belgian Brewer and is still independent. Primus is the main brand which is a crisp, dry and refreshing lager. It is brewed from all natural ingredients.

  • Brouwerij St Bernardus Extra 4 is a classic Belgian “Single” style, light golden in color, full of flavor and brewed with more hops and bitterness in comparison to the other well known St Bernardus abbey ales. Extra 4 will be a unique, tasty and refreshing spring and summer quencher with a lower alc content than such other popular St Bernardus products as...

  • Stella Artois Premium Lager Beer (PILS) 12-pack 12 x 33 cl CAN Serve at 3°C

  • Stella Artois Pefect Draft Keg 6 L (600 cl) Note : The keg can only be used in a "Perfect Draft" Tap-installation (By Philips) Worldwide Shipping & Shipping throughout Europe See for user instructions on the keg - EASY & FUN TO USE Enjoy Belgium's most famous Pils from Stella Artois 6 L keg on draft in the convenience of your own home !!

  • De Struise Brouwers Dulcinea American Pale Lager

  • Brasserie Minne La Super Sanglier 33 cl Super Bière Blonde

  • Vedett Extra Blond is a well hopped premium beer with 5.2% alcohol content, is the cult Duvel Moortgat beer today: following its birth in 1945, it quickly acquired fame and recognition within an intimate circle of insiders in the Antwerp-Brussels region. But do not think for a moment that this oldtimer is thinking about retirement, quite the contrary.