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Blends with Lambic 

  • De Leite Jeun'homme - Oak Aged Golden Blond An oak-aged bitter beer. Originally the beer had a slight citrus-bitterness due to its 4 hops and the subsequent dry hopping.

  • Brouwerij De Ranke Cuvée - on base of old Flemish beer and Lambic The production process is nearly the same as for the Kriek, the difference being that no cherries are added. It’s a naturally acidified ale (Girardin Lambic) in which we try to reach the perfect balance between sweet and sour. Amber-colored ale contains 7% and can age really nice. Currently...

  • Brouwerij De Ranke Kriek is a 7% vol. Alc. Kriek that’s unique because the composition is based on two different styles of sour ales. Kriek De Ranke is Belgian Sour ale with added cherries and blended with Lambic

  • Brouwerij De Ranke Spierelambic 2019 Blend of 2 lambics from the Zenne area, and one made at Brouwerij De Ranke - Dottignies. The brew is called "Spierelambic" after the local river "Spiere" near Brouwerij De Ranke.

  • Guinness-Timmermans Lambic & Stout 6% Proud collaboration brew with Guinness & Brouwerij Timmermans (the world's oldest lambic brewery)

  • Guinness-Timmermans Lambic & Stout Gift Box + Timmermans Glass 6% Proud collaboration brew with Guinness & Brouwerij Timmermans (the world's oldest lambic brewery)

  • Brouwerij Kerkom Reuss 75 cl Lambic Blend Sour AleNatural top fermented beer, blend with old Boon Lambic, unfiltered, fermentation in the bottle.

  • Brouwerij Lindemans Goyck Goyck is a fine blend of a top fermented beer "Toots" with Lindemans lambic The bottle refermentation with Bretts gives the beer a unique taste and aroma. Koenraad Goddeau (brother of Karel of De Cam) is the supplier of the "Toots" beer

  • Brouwerij Oud Beersel Bersalis Kadet Oak Aged 2018 Part of Bersalis Tripel’s production matures at Oud Beersel brewery on wooden barrels alongside the lambic barrels. Micro-organisms present in the brewery, the beer undergoes a second fermentation, this time a spontaneous fermentation on wooden barrels by Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces.

  • Brouwerij Oud Beersel Bersalis Tripel matured at brewery Oud Beersel in oak Chateauneuf du Pape barrels alongside the lambic barrels. Triple fermentation in the bottle.

  • Brasserie Stout RullQuin + Müre RullQuin (2x75cl) + FREE La Rulles Glass Collab brew with Geuezerie Tilquin (1/8)  

  • Brouwerij Timmermans Lambicus Blanche There is no other beer like Timmermans Tradition Blanche Lambicus anywhere in the world because it is the only white lambic beer. By adding spices such as coriander and dried orange zest, a light, fruity beer is created. It is subtly spicy and deliberately made cloudy. Should ideally be drunk from an authentic...

  • Brouwerij Dilewyns - Vicaris mixed crate : 8 x Vicaris Tripel 33 cl 8 x Vicaris Generaal 33 cl 8 x Vicaris Tripel-Gueuze 33 cl

  • Vicaris Tripel-Gueuze is a complex combination of Vicaris Tripel and Geuze (Boon Lambic). The fruity and soft characteristics are derived of Vicaris Tripel. The beer gets its fresh and subtle sourness from the Geuze.

  • Brouwerij Dilewyns Vicaris Tripel-Gueuze  Mixture of topfermenting ale from De Proef for Dilewyns and lambic from Boon