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  • Chouffe Coffee 70 cl + 2 Chouffe Coffee Glasses Gift Box Chouffe Coffee Liquor is made with Esprit d'Achouffe and of course coffee and should be drank hot (max. 60°C) with the glass filled to the top with whipped cream. The Chouffe Coffee Liquor can also be drank an apéritiv or ice-coffee. Belgian Finest Taste

  • La Trappe Trappist Gift Box: La Trappe Quadrupel 2019 1.5 L (magnum bottle) La Trappe Trappist Glass 33 cl La Trappe Bartowel La Trappe Cap La Trappe Bottle Opener La Trappe Beer Coasters

  • Guinness-Timmermans Lambic & Stout Gift Box + Timmermans Glass 6% Proud collaboration brew with Guinness & Brouwerij Timmermans (the world's oldest lambic brewery)

  • Castle Brewery Vanhonsebrouck Trignac Tripel Aged in Cagnac Casks 2019 Gift Box

  • De Dolle Brouwers Brewery Pack: Dulle Teve (mad bitch) Oerbier Nat & Straf Lichtervelds Blond 9% Boskeun (easter beer) Extra Stout Arabier Stille Nacht 2020 (christmas) Pale Ale XL (40th anniversary brew) Special Oerbier Reserva 2017 (barrel-aged) UNIQUE BREWERY PACK