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  • KEREL Says it All - Kaishaku Ultimately Belgian with a Japanese twist. A specially developed yeast allowed us to work with 15% alc. This high percentage combined with the use of specific varieties of hops creates an incomparable taste.

  • KEREL Says it All - Bière de Garde 7% - Very malty, very high-maintenance but irresistible to the true beer connoisseur. Try it for the touch of caramel, stay for the complex character full of delicious paradoxes. It’s a good thing KEREL has lots of experience combining muscles, beauty and a complex character.

  • KEREL Says it All - Dark IPA Combines the best of two worlds: the sweet aftertaste of a dark beer with the high hops and light finish of an IPA. Kerel Dark IPA 6% shares its high hopping and high alcohol DNA with its paler IPA sibling, but like a stout or a porter, it gets its darker colour from roasted and dark malted barley, which also deepens the...

  • KEREL Says it All - India Pale Ale (IPA) A brand-new suntanned 4.5% IPA in a morning glow shade of amber is coming your way. Kerel India Pale Ale is an acquired taste (unicorn), low in alcohol but amped up in flavour due to the high-quality hops it’s infused with.  Goes down smoothly after a hard day’s work.

  • KEREL Says it All - Pink Imperial Stout Royally packed with flavour, with a luxury velvet feel thanks to the subtle addition of raspberry flavour. Kerel Pink Imperial 8% Stout is the perfect closer after a big meal or a big day. BASS-HEAVY - HIPSTER FUEL - NAUGHTY

  • KEREL Says it All - Grapefruit IPA This Grapefruit IPA is a real crowd-pleaser. It’s perfect for any moment or meal, thanks to its bold grapefruit flavour, tart character and light hoppiness. FORBIDDEN FRUIT - ZESTY BRIGHT - CHARMING

  • KEREL Says it All - New England Session IPA This smooth and juicy combustion of hoppy aromas marries the sun-soaked notes of island fruit flavours with the lush freshness of a low alcohol IPA. LAGOON - JUICY FRUIT - BREEZY

  • KEREL Saison This easy-to-love thirst-quencher uses different kinds of hops and grains so you’ll discover new aspects of its flavour with every sip or swallow.

  • KEREL Stout Deep and dark and rich with coffee and pure chocolate flavours, rounded off by modern hops. All stouts are dark and mysterious, but the VBDCK brewers deepen its typical roasted flavours even further by lightly hopping the brew or adding coffee or chocolate during the brewing process for a sweet-mocha touch.