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  • 35,00 €

    Brouwerij-Distillery Wilderen Eau-de-Bière is carefully distilled from our Kanunnik Triple 8.2% beer. This Eau de bière was aged for 2 years on Buffalo Trace Bourbon oak barrels before bottling. An Eau-de-Vie - the perfect match between brewing and distilling.

  • 25,50 €

    Wilderen Graan Jenever The softness of this Wilderen Graan Jenever is very much liked by the "Jenver connaisseur". Juniper berries and a secret mix of herbs and spices make this Flemish Jenever a treat and pure enjoyment. The pure nature, the clarity and it's low-alcohol content makes from this Graan (grain) Jenever such a great product. 

  • 72,50 €

    Wilderen's Single Malt & Single Cask Wild Weasel Whisky, is a whisky of exceptional depth and smoothness balancing rich, fruity aromas and delicate fruit flavors with a long robust finish. Distilled, aged and bottled in Distillery Wilderen where the distillery has been standing since 1900. The distillery is situated in a small town in the fruit and...

  • 19,99 €

    Wortegemsen Citroen-Citron Jenever 100 cl The genuine pleasure of savouring a Wortegemsen Citroen Jenever didn’t come about by chance. In fact our unique lemon jenever has a rich and extraordinary history. Distilling alcohol has always been a favourite pastime for the Flemings.