List of products by brewery SIPHON

SIPHON Brewing is a Belgian microbrewery located on the grounds of a 4-generation-old family restaurant in Damme (Bruges) - West-Flanders.

  • SIPHON Brewing Glass 33 cl (high) SIPHON brewery and famous restaurant is located in the beautiful Flemish countryside village of Damme (Bruges) - West-Flanders

  • SIPHON Brewing Cendre Black India Saison " Smoked eel has long been a speciality of the SIPHON restaurant. Eels are smoked ina hut besides the brewery. We huddle around the ashes on Autumn brew days."

  • SIPHON Brewing Damme Nation American-style dry-hopped IPA The devil - in the form of a dog appeared in Damme just as a storm put a hole in the village dyke. The locals killed the dogand used it's corps to fill the hole, saving Damme from flooding.

  • SIPHON Brewing Tronk Winter Vanilla Orange Quad Every 4 or 5 Winters, people cut the branchesfrom the tree trunks for firewood. As a result, knotted willows dot the landscape around the brewery. 10% ABV - Vanilla Orange - Belgian abbey yeast - 50 IBU