List of products by brewery DIST - HAVN

  • HAVN Antwerp Gin Come home in Antwerp, where the black, cast-iron pots are bubbling on the stove, full of Flermish rhubarb and comforting aromas and recognise the soft sweet touch of vanilla and cinnamon. CINNAMON . RHUBARB . STAR ANISE

  • Havn Bangkok Gin Travel to distant Bangkok with it's harmonious golden lightness of lime leaves and lemongrass, which is in stark contrast with it's spicy ginger flavors. Taste the bright freshness of the Far East and it's edible flowers and feel the tingle of oriental tatse on your tongue. LEMONGRASS . GINGER . KAFFIR LEAF

  • HAVN Copenhagen Gin Immerce yourself in Copenhagen and taste the salt of silver smoked fish and salty seaweed. Feel the freshness of lime zest and sea breeze, smell the smoky winter fire. DILL . SMOKED BIRCH . SEAWEED

  • HAVN Marseille Gin Allow yourself to be caressed by the warmth of a setting, copper sun on your skin as you smell the Miditerranean herbs and olives in the port of Marseille, during long nights of pervasive herbal touches.. CORRIANDER . CLOVE . SANTOLINA