List of products by brewery Gageleer

Brouwerij Gageleer

  • Gageleer Original - made with gale or bog myrtle ('Gagel' in Dutch) " Beers for Nature " Gageleer is brewed with honest organic ingredients: the finest barley malt, partly from local Campine organic farmers, and bog myrtle from De Liereman (a nature preserve in the Campine village of Oud‐Turnhout), without additives or preservatives.

  • Gageleer Sour White - No Hops This beer is very refreshing and the perfect thirst quencher on a summer’s day. One can not compare this white beer to other typical Belgian whites. Lactic fermentation gives it a surprising taste mélange of sourish, fruity and herbal experiences. There are no other herbs used besides Bog Myrtle. 

  • Gageleer Superior Dark - with Myrica Gale/Bog Myrtle Gageleer Superior Dark is the dark version of the original blond, brewed with unique dark malts. The taste is characterized by a beautiful round herbal aroma of bog myrtle mixed with caramel, honey, roasted malt and is not sticky at all. Gageleer Superior Dark is a brown ale that has a nice light brown...