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Anthony Martin Finest Beer Selection

  • Timmermans (Geuze)
  • Martin

Dirk Decoster : 0498268649

  • Genval Water Bag-in-Box 5 L (natural spring water) Belgium's Finest Water - 100% naturally water - no additives Eau de Genval

  • Anthony Martin's Gondon Finest Gold 

  • Gordon Glass with silver rim

  • Anthony-Martin's Gordon Scotch Ale was born in the limpid highlands among isolated lochs and haunting Scottish castles. This brown beer, reminiscent of a dark ruby, is full of contrast - both strong and smooth.  Born in Scotland - Crafted in Belgium

  • Original Belgian tasting glass

  • Gordon Xmas The original Christmas ale, Gordon Xmas started the tradition of Christmas brews. To accompany Christmas dinners and New Year evenings, it dons its party clothes, while its marrowy foam melts in the mouth as the white flakes on a red background tickle the nose. Never forget to put it under the Christmas tree !

  • Brewery Anthony Martin : Gordon's Mixed Crate (4x6x33cl) + crate: 6 x Gordon Scotch Ale 33 cl 6 x Gordon Finest Gold 33 cl 6 x Martin's Pale Ale 33 cl 6 x Gordon Xmas 33 cl

  • Guinness Special Export (Belgian version) In 1944, John Martin, having boldly crossed the Channel, requested that a unique vintage of Guinness be brewed specially for Belgium : Guinness Special Export. This elixir, 8% alcohol by volume is greeted by the drinker with the smile of an explorer who has discovered black gold. ‘Of all the peoples of Gaul, the...

  • Guinness-Timmermans Lambic & Stout 6% Proud collaboration brew with Guinness & Brouwerij Timmermans (the world's oldest lambic brewery)

  • Guinness-Timmermans Lambic & Stout Gift Box + Timmermans Glass 6% Proud collaboration brew with Guinness & Brouwerij Timmermans (the world's oldest lambic brewery)

  • Anthony Martin's IPA Triple Hop Flower The authentic India Pale Ale (IPA) with an outspoken and fruity caracter thanks to the dr-hopping.

  • Anthony Martin's Pale Ale Triple Hop Belgium's Finest Pale Ale - since 1909

  • Martin's Pale Ale Glass 33 cl

  • Chardonnay Meerdael - Methode Traditionelle - Brut is a Belgian made - Vin Mousseux De Qualité from Vaalbeek (Flemish Brabant) This "Chardonnay Meerdael" is a recognised Vlaams-Brabants streekproduct.

  • Waterloo Double Dark 8 has the accents of caramelised, lightly roasted malts and hops blend harmoniously to yield a palette of silky sensations. It has a powerful, balanced aroma accompanied by a fruity touch.

  • Waterloo - Récolte Hiver - Farm beer is a delightful winter brew from the hart of Belgium's farming tradition. Brewed at Brasserie-Ferme Mont-Saint-Jean in Waterloo Un-filtered  Top Fermentation 

  • Waterloo Triple Blond 8, full-bodied with character and a malty, slightly fruity, taste. When served in its traditional chalice, it will give a generous head of fine bubbles.