How to take care of your newly bought beer and glassware


At, the packing is done with extreme care and attention to detail for the products inside the box.

It's very important that you enjoy Belgian beer till the last drop !!

Here are some important points for you to know when receiving your box:


  • When unpacking the beers out from the box, let them rest and settle for a minimum of 48 hrs.


  • Belgian beer should be kept in a dry and cool place or the fridge, between 10°C and 16°C (50-60°F) for most beers. When the beer is too warm when opening, it might uncontrollably gush out of the bottle. Watch out while un-corking the bottle.


  • When your patience has been tested to the maximum and you are ready to taste them, make sure you have the (matching) beerglass with you when about to pour out the beer. You don't want to spoil the contents. Avoid using glassware cleaned in the dishwasher and rinse the glassware with fresh water.
  • Think about preserving our planet and try re-using the tubes when shipping and trading beers for yourself. The packing tubes have proven to be a very reliable and usefull packing material.


By taking care of these notices, you will be able to appreciate Belgian beer to the fullest and become a Belgian beer connaisseur ;)






Tasting Sheets


Our handy Tasting Sheets are available for download (.pdf) :