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  • Trappist Westvleteren Abt 12 - bottling year 2020 Westvleteren 12 with golden-yellow cap is the quadrupel-abt from Westvleteren and was crowned as "Best Beer in the World" on different occations by Westvleteren brews have the smallest output of the Trappist breweries in Belgium.

  • Sint-Sixtus Westvleteren Trappist glassware in 33 cl with golden-colored rim and white lettering. The smaller 15 cl tasting-glass is in the same line. 

  • Sint-Sixtus Trappist Westvleteren wooden crate, the perfect and original Belgian gift to any beer-fan !!

  • Sint Sixtus Westvleteren Blond (green cap) is the basic beer for the monks’ own consumption, since 1999, when the former 6° dark ale (red cap) was finally discarded, after the 4° had already gone that path.

  • Trappistenbier Paté (paté à la bière Trappist) made by Veurn'Ambachtse, specialty, artisan patémakers since 1980. Trappistenbier Paté is made with Westvleteren Trappist Abt 12

  • Trappist Glass Pack (9x33cl) + FREE Trappist Bartowel : Chimay Trappist Glass 33 cl Rochefort Trappist Glass 33 cl Achel Trappist Glass 33 cl La Trappe Trappist Glass 33 cl Westmalle Trappist Glass 33 cl Spencer Trappist Glass Orval Trappist Glass 33 cl Zundert Trappist Glass 33 cl Westvleteren Trappist Glass 33 cl + FREE La Trappe Trappist Bartowel