List of products by brewery Cidrerie Ruwet - Belgian Craft Cider

  • 1,80 €

    Note from Belgian Craft Cidrerie Ruwet : Cidre Ruwet is a classical Belgian apple cidre, sofisticated, dry but fruit forward. Crafted with 100% fresh apple juice from Jonagold apples and with it's unique organic yeast. Pressed , fermented and bottledin Belgium. Serving Tip : Deliciously refreshing over ice.

  • 1,80 €

    Cidre Ruwet Raspberry is a classical Belgian cider crafted with 100%fresh apple juicefrom Jonagold applesand it's unique organic yeast with a hint of elderberry and muscat grapes. Pressed fermented and bottled in Belgium. Serving Tip : Delisiously refreshing over ice

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    Cidrerie Ruwet Glass 25 cl - 33 cl