List of products by brewery GRUUT

Gentse Gruut Stadsbrouwerij - City-Brewery of Ghent

  • City-Brewery Gruut Amber Ale has an amazing rich taste, a deep copper colour and a smooth drink-ability and when using the typical open glass, you will see a fabulous head, discover its deep copper color and capture its delicate aroma.

  • Stadsbrouwerij Gruut Blonde beer is gently barleyd, has a neutral or light and sweet taste with a bitter aftertaste obtained with the special season selection of gruut.

  • City-Brewery (Stadsbrouwerij) Gruut brown beer has a deep brownish colour with a golden touch and develops a delicate and stable foam. The degustation is surprising but very pleasant. The beer has character and the presence of abundantly much taste.

  • Brouwerij Gruut - city brewery of Ghent - Glass

  • City-Brewery (Stadsbrouwerij) Gruut Inferno: A delicate ale with an intense flavour. It’s golden color and unique flavor makes it popular wit hall ages. Ultimate serving temperature: 8° - 9°

  • City-Brewery (Stadsbrouwerij) Gruut Wit "Gruut" is an ancient Flemish coin. In medieval Ghent, brewers used Gruuts to pay taxes on the richness of their brew. Gentse Stadsbrouwerij has revived this tradition with Gruut Wit Beer. Enjoy it’s natural cloudiness, golden color, and refreshing finish.