Two Pre-New Year 3 Fonteinen Oude Gueuze Volume Deals

We always think our dear customers deserve an extra treat! We’re offering not one, but two amazing packages you’ll love to open once 2017 chimes in.

Christmas might be officially over, but we’re still humming with the holiday spirit! Although 2016 is officially coming to an end in a few days, we here at Belgiuminabox think you, our dear customers, deserve an extra treat! We’re offering not one, but two amazing packages you’ll love to open once 2017 chimes in.

It’s the best vintage beer set you’ve ever wanted! This 18-bottle deal includes one (1) bottle of 3F Oude Gueuze 2014 75 cl, two (2) 3F Oude Gueuze 2015 75 cl, and 15 bottles of 3F Oude Gueuze 2016 75 cl. What’s interesting about this limited 3F deal is that the 2016 bottle still comes with the vintage 3F logo! For just 200,00 €, you’ll get 200 loyalty points, so order now!

If you’re not up for a vintage beer, you can’t go wrong with this 3F-Cantillon deal. With 5% ABV, you’ll get 17 bottles of 3 Fonteinen Oude Gueuze 2016 75 cl and one (1) special bottle of Cantillon Gueuze 2016 75 cl. You will also get 200 loyalty points for this 200,00 € deal. Stocking up on 3F beer is always a must, after all!

Best order now while these deals are still available and we’d hate for you to miss out! This year was a blast for our beer shop and we would like to thank each of our new and year-long existing customers for the great business you brought in this 2016. We certainly hope to see you again in 2017!

The Belgiuminabox team sends you and your loved ones our best wishes this New Year!

Cheers for beers!

Betty, Pascale, Romain, Kenny, Sacha & Kurt

Christmas Belgium Beers Still in Stock!

GREAT NEWS: we still have awesome Christmas beers in stock! It’s the best time to fill up your cart with these awesome Belgium beers for sale.

It’s been an exciting December in Belgiuminabox and our Christmas beers have been selling like pancakes! Great news, however, because we still have great Christmas beers in stock! If you don’t know which beers to order first, we’ll make it easier for you with this list.


First on our list is this De Dolle vintage beer. With an ABV of 12%, the extra bitterness and sweetness are balanced out because of the dry hopping and the Nugget hops. It’s said to have been boiled for 5 hours and was brewed in the kettle with white candi sugar and pale malt. It’s the strong Belgian ale you need to bottoms up this Christmas!

val-dieu-biere-de-noel-33-1_1024x1024VAL-DIEU BIÈRE DE NOËL 33 CL
This seasonal Val-Dieu blond beer comes from the recipe “perfected by monks” of Abbey du Val-Dieu. With its white foam and an 7% ABV, you’ll enjoy the roasted malts, caramel and cinnamon and other spices on the nose. When you sip, close your eyes and get hints of grapefruit and other dried fruits. Best drank with apple cakes and white meat.


A unique Christmas beer by Slagmuylder because of its low fermentation — it has an ABV of 5%. This blonde beer is a smooth and light delight with its fruity aroma of malts, figs, and plums. With a frothy white head that will remind you of winter snow, this may just be your go-to pilsener this December!

If you’re looking for that “dry finish”, this beer is the perfect choice for you! With its smooth texture and big, white head, this is your classic beer this holiday season! You’ll get aromatic tones of dark fruits like cherries and raisins. Add that to the taste of caramel and other herbs. Definitely mouth-watering! But you know what’s even better? You can get this Delirium Christmas beer if you avail our limited edition Christmas package, which includes other great flavours and a box of chocolates too! Truly, a must-have this Christmas.

What are you waiting for? It’s the best time to fill up your cart while these Belgium beers for sale are still in stock! For more amazing flavours and other Belgian delicacies, visit the Belgiuminabox online beer store now!

X-Mas Belgium Craft Beers Up for Grabs!

Still haven’t stocked up on beers this Christmas? It’s not too late to do so! We’ve lined up our top X-mas-themed beers for your drinking pleasure.

Still haven’t stocked up on beers this Christmas? It’s not too late to do so! We’ve lined up our top X-mas-themed beers for your drinking pleasure.

prearis-x-mas-33clPRÉARIS X-MAS 33 CL
With its intense mix of flavours, it’s like Christmas in a bottle! imagine a fresh and fruity nose, hints of peach, orange, pear, pale malts, leaves, and herbs. With its` medium sweet and bitter taste, you’ll love the dry, bitter finish at the end of each gulp. Brewed by Vliegend Paard brouwers with an ABV of 5%, this seasonal Prearis beer should be your Christmas beer staple!

bon-secours-blonde-de-noel-33-1_1024x1024BON SECOURS BLONDE DE NOËL 33 CL
Notably unique because it’s a one of a kind “blond Christmas beer”. Your Christmas beer stock would do well with this flavour. Ingredients include carefully selected malts, a judicious dose of hops and spices. You can only imagine how aromatic this beer would be once you pop the cap! With an ABV of 10%, this creation by Caulier deserves to be in your Belgiuminabox cart.

272-18333-thickboxGORDON X-MAS 33 CL
Brewed by John Martin (Scottish & Newcastle), with an ABV of 8%, this Gordon Christmas beer has a dark burgundy colour with a big, lasting white head. You’ll enjoy drinking this beer for its intense and unique flavours of almond, toffee, and hints of licorice. What’s even better is its mouth-watering aroma of fruitcake and caramel. A must-have for any beer aficionado, that’s for sure.

gouden-carolus-christmas-33clGOUDEN CAROLUS CHRISTMAS 33 CL

If you want a perfect mix of strong and spicy, this Gouden Carolus is just the perfect beer for you. With 10% ABV, this heavy, strong brown ale brewed by Anker will more than satisfy. It has a beautiful colour and is full of flavour. Think molasses, grapes, and hints of barleys and strong malts. Think fruits, plums and dates — all the wonderful Christmas flavours in one bottle.

Brewed by Brasserie des Fagnest, this beer has dark brown colour and tastes malty, medium sweet with notes of caramel. With a slightly sour touch, you will get hints of caramel, licorice, dried fruit — and even chocolate! The sweet, light bitterness with 8% ABV, is a delight to the senses that you can’t miss. This Super Des Fagnes Christmas edition beer will surprise you with its unique and lasting flavour!

corsendonk-christmas-ale-25-1_1024x1024CORSENDONK CHRISTMAS 25 CL
Best served at a temperature of 6-10°C, this ruby brown Christmas ale brewed by Corsendonk (Brasserie Du Bocq). Its warming aftertaste is boosted by spices and malty flavour. Its aromatic flavour is a fragrant mix of coffee, chocolate, toffee, red grapes and dried fruit. This is a blend you wouldn’t want to miss!

There isn’t a better online beer store to satisfy your thirst this Christmas! Have you decided on your beer yet? Why not get one of each? For extra warmth this holiday season, visit Belgiuminabox now! Happy Holidays!

Limited Edition Belgian Beers: 7 Noel Beers to Enjoy This Holiday

Whether it’s for your friends or for your personal enjoyment, check out these amazing Noel-themed limited edition Belgian beer flavours!

Since Christmas is fast approaching, there is a strong demand for Christmas beers! Once again, we’ve come up with our top picks of Noel beers to bring to your Christmas parties and gatherings. These are also great gift ideas because they’re seasonal, limited edition Belgian beers. Whether it’s for your friends or for your personal enjoyment, check out these amazing flavours!


    The first on our list is this unfiltered, refermented red-amber ale. With an ABV of 12%, this premium beer has been brewed from the water drawn from beneath the brewery. Add to that barely-malt, sugar, hops, and yeast. Taste this exciting flavour and order the Bush De Noel Premium beer now!fixed-leffe-kerstbier
    Before digging into the Christmas feast, best bring out the Leffe Biere keg! Described as a beer “full of character”, you will enjoy this aperitif for its amber colour, creamy foam, and fruity and spicy bouquet. This seasonal beer is said to come from tradition; master brewers specifically saved only the best barley and hops for brewing at this time of year. With an ABV of 6%, the delightful Leffe Biere de Noel is the perfect drink to stimulate your appetite this holiday season!deranke
    When it’s time to bring out a great beer bottle to celebrate the festivities, there isn’t a better one to unwrap but this fantastic Christmas De Ranke beer. If you’re looking for something spicy and strong (5% ABV), this is a must-have beer this December! Rake in 8 loyalty points when you order now.abbayes
    From the breweries of Des Rocs (l’Abbaye), this winter brew is strong enough to boost your holiday cheer. It’s most delectable with its pleasant aroma and ruby colour. With an ABV of 9%, this Abbaye seasonal beer will give you 6 loyalty points if you order now.b-fantome-de-noel
    This seasonal beer is branded as dark and unique. With a spicy 10% ABV, you will feel a different kind of satisfaction right from the very first sip. Its winter spruce flavour is enhanced by its wild yeast sourness. This Fantome high-fermented beer will give you 9 loyalty points if you add it to your Belgiuminabox cart!noel-christmas-weihnacht-33cl
    Collect up to 2 loyalty points for this Christmas beer by Verhaeghe. With a strong ABV of 7%, this light blond beer is a limited edition treat you wouldn’t want to miss. Enjoy the bitter goodness of spicy hops, a special taste attained specifically by a 14-day fermentation. Order this Christmas Verhaeghe beer now!1bvs39__087292300_2034_08112012
    Brewed by Huyghe, this blond beer has an 8% ABV and comes in a special white ceramic bottle. Made from three different years, it’s both spicy and bitter, and will be hard to put down once you’ve had a drink. The bitterness is accompanied by a weak, sweet touch that makes it an irresistible drink. Get your seasonal La Mere beer before it’s out of stock.

For more seasonal beers, Belgiuminabox is your best one-stop-shop online beer store. We’ve got the best Belgian beverages and delicacies to satisfy your cravings and complete your festive cheer. Also, you might want to avail the Belgiuminabox special limited edition Christmas package too. Visit our website now!

Warm Up Your Holiday with these 5 Winter Beverages

Make the most of your holiday season with these Belgian beverages. Don’t miss out on any of these fantastic flavours!


Winter is coming and best be ready! You need more than just your scarf and coat to beat the dip in temperature. There’s just no better way to do it but with our special Winter beer picks for this chilly weather. Check out our top five Belgian products for sale this merry season!


  1. Filliers Speculoos Jenever 70 CL
    Who doesn’t love Speculoos? Experience the rich taste with Filliers Speculoos Jenever, one of our most unique beverages in stock! With or without ice, its 20% ABV will warm you up on cold winter nights. The flavour is a feat on its own; think thick cream, hints of chocolate, vanilla, amaretto — all rolled into one perfect taste. Don’t miss out on this amazing Filliers Jenever flavour and order now!

  2. Kerkom Winterkoninkske 33 CL
    With an ABV of 8%, this beer by Kerkom (Bink Brouwerij) is as good as a warm blanket on a winter day. Seven types of malt, two Belgian types of hop, yeast, and brewing liquor — all of these to make this special bottle of Kerkom beer. This unfiltered, non-pasteurized beer will definitely satisfy your thirst.
  3. Winter Bie 33 CL
    For just 2,99 €, not only will you rake in loyalty points, but a warm winter holiday season with the Winter Bie. Its 8% ABV is just the right temperature for those chilly nights! This Du Brabant Christmas beer is a great treat to have whether you’re having people over or not!


  4. Chapeau Winter Gueuze (X-Mas Gueuze) 37.5 CL
    What’s so special about this lambic ale? It’s the special raisins that are added to the Gueuze to give it a distinct holiday flavour. This beer has an ABV of 5-6% and is brewed by De Troch. Order this special X-Mas Gueuze and get up to four loyalty points!


  5. Elixir D’Anvers Koffie De Beukelaer 50 CL
    Our winter beer collection isn’t complete without this treat! This concoction has an ABV of 19% and is a mouth-watering flavour of coffee. From the finest Ethiopian and Colombian coffees, it’s magic when combined with 32 herbs and of course, Elixir d’Anvers, one of the most famous Belgian liqueurs. Make this drink your staple this Christmas and get your own delicious Elixir D’Anvers Koffie bottle now!

Make the most of your holiday season with your regular fill of Belgium craft beer. It’ll be a shame to miss out on any of these fantastic beverages! Explore the best online beer delivery service in the world at

Cheers for Beers: The BelgiuminaBox Christmas Collection is Here!

This limited edition Christmas package is the best gift you can give anyone (yourself included) who wants a taste of authentic Belgian beers.


Oh YES, the ultimate BelgiuminaBox Christmas Collection is here! This limited edition Christmas package is the best gift you can give anyone who wants a taste of authentic Belgian beers, yourself included. What’s included in the #BelgiumXmasBox?

Because we know you love only the best beers in the world, we’ve prepared a fine selection of limited edition Belgian beers for you. The Christmas Collection includes a bottle of St Bernardus Christmas Ale, Delirium Christmas, Grimbergen Winter, Abbaye des Rocs Speciale Noel, Bush de Noel, Val-Dieu Biere de Noel, Elixir d’Anvers de Beukelaer, N’Ice Chouffe, and Leffe Biere de Noel – Kerstbier, Prearis X-Mas, Cidre Ruwet Apple, Adriaen Brouwer Winter Wood, Super des Fagnes Christmas, and De La Senne Winter Mess 2016. You can’t possibly miss any of these delightful flavours. We’ll even throw in a box of Guylian Sea Shells Box of 6 to sweeten the deal!

It’s the perfect time to spoil your loved ones (or yourself) with Belgiuminabox’s Christmas Collection! Don’t miss out and order your #XmasBox now. Hurry while they’re still in stock! Happy Holidays!

5 Beer Crates for Christmas Parties

This holiday season, it’s time to stock up on these Belgian beers and there isn’t a better way to do it but by the crate. Here are our top five picks to make your Christmas celebrations extra merry!

Parties and celebrations are left and right at this time of year, and if you’re having people over (or if you need a really swell gift idea), special Belgian craft beer is the way to go! And we here at have the exact flavours that you, your family and friends would enjoy!

It’s time to stock up on these Belgian beers and there isn’t a better way to do it but by the crate. Here are our top five picks to make your Christmas celebrations extra merry!



  1. St. Bernardus Christmas Ale Full Crate 24×33 CL
    Brewery St Bernardus’ “youngest descendant” of Abbey Ales, this specialty beer is a must-taste for beer aficionados this holiday season. Pour it into a glass or drink it straight from the bottle, and you’ll get a tasteful punch of 10% alcohol, its velvety taste, and fruity nose. Don’t miss this seasonal beer and order St Berndardus from your most trusted Belgium beer shop now! 


  2. Chouffe Mixed Crate (4×6 LA-MC-IPA-N’ICE) 24×33 CL
    Get six bottles of La Chouffe, Mc Chouffe, Houblon Dobbelen IPA Chouffe, and N’Ice Chouffe. Brewed by Achouffe (Duvel-Moortgat), you’ll enjoy an array of blonde and brown beers. The N’Ice Chouffe ale is highly recommended because it’s fruity, lightly hoppy, and sparkling — the perfect Christmas treat to have in your fridge this season! 


  3. Grimbergen Mixed Crate 24×33 CL (6×4)
    Variety is the spice of life! Brewed by Alken-Maes, this mixed crate is made up of four bottles of 6 different types of Grimbergen beer. You’ll get the Blond, ale with ripe yellow fruit flavours; Dubbel, ale with a chocolatey and toffee taste; Trippel, a top-fermented beer that contains blond candy sugar and bitter hops; Goud, the traditional strong blonde beer; Winter, a classic beer with caramel and candy touches, and the special dark beer, Optimo Bruno. Get this amazing beer crate deal now! 


  4. Gouden Carolus Christmas Full Crate 24×33 CL
    A Christmas party is incomplete without Christmas-themed beers! Brewed by Anker, with an alcohol volume of 10-11, this strong brown ale is the right drink to keep warm this holiday season. Order the Gouden Carolus crate now and get a discount, from 67,20 € to just 55,00€! 


  5. Ter Dolen Donker Full Crate 24×33 CL
    Imagine a cold bottle of dark, top-fermented abbey beer, tasting the malt in three varieties, and two hops breeds. Get that taste and more this beer crate brewed by De Dool. With an alcohol volume content of 7-8%, you’ll surely need more than just one bottle to satisfy your taste for beer. Once considered a Christmas beer, it’s never too late to relish this flavour before and after this holiday season.

Don’t run out of your favourite drink this Christmas! For the best quality Belgian beer, only can satisfy all your beer needs. Visit our online liquor store for more flavours and other Belgian delicacies.