Timmermans Fruited lambic in cans

Brouwerij Timmermans is the oldest Lambic brewery – founded in 1702

Timmermans made 2 new fruited lambics :

The Timmermans Fruited lambics are available in cans and in a 6-pack :

Timmermans Lambicus (2×3-pack Cans) + FREE Timmermans Fruit Glass

3 Fonteinen Selection 2019

3 Fonteinen Selection Box 2019 :

Belgiuminabox put together a great selection box of recent and vintage 3 Fonteinen lambics and fruit lambics :

  • Oude Geuze Magnum Blend 45 Season 2017-2018 1.5 L (150 cl)
  • Hommage Bio-Framboos Honey Blend 60 Season 2017-2018 75 cl
  • Bio-Framboos Harvest 2017 Blend 70 Season 2017-2018 75 cl
  • Oude Geuze Golden Blend N°52 Season 2016-2017 75 cl
  • Oude Kriek (old label) 2016 75 cl
  • 2 x Oude Geuze Blend 52 Season 2017-2018 75 cl
  • 2 x Cuvée A&G Blend 69 Season 2017-2018 75 cl
  • 2 x Oude Kriek Blend 72 Season 2017-2018 37.5 cl
  • 2 x Oude Geuze Blend 41 Season 2017-2018 37.5 cl
  • 2 x Cuvée A&G Blend 26 Season 2017-2018 37.5 cl
  • 4 x Oude Geuze Golden Blend N° 24 Season 2017-2018 37.5 cl

3 Fonteinen Selection 2019 of 19 bottles is limited available on Belgiuminabox.com

Brasserie du Brabant beers in store at Belgiuminabox

Brasserie du Brabant is located in Genappe – in the Belgian province of Brabant.

Here’s what we currently have in store from the brewery (located on the boundries of the Senne Valley) :

Lindemans Goyck

Lindemans Goyck is a blend of Toots beer with Lindemans lambic.

Goyck is a blend beer from a top-fermented beer Toots and a beer of spontaneous fermentation “Lindemans lambic”.

The bottle refermentation with Bretts gives the beer a unique taste and aroma.

Koenraad Goddeau is the supplier of the “Toots” beer.

Lindemans Goyck is now available on Belgiuminabox.com



Lambiek Fabriek Fontan-Elle Young & Wild

Lambiek Fabriek is the newest lambic brewer in the Zenne Valley.

Image result for brett-elle logo

Jo Panneels, the master-brewer of Lambiek Fabriek has made a Lambic blend and a Geuze :

Brouwerij Oud Beersel – Beer Boxes and bottlings

Brouwerij Oud Beersel with Gert Christiaens as master-blender has new beer boxes (bag-in-box) in his array of lambics at his growing ‘Brouwerij Oud Beersel’.

Look up Chuck Cook‘s in depth article when he visited Gert Christiaens in the Summer :


Belgiuminabox also provides PROXY & shipping services for visitors out of Oud Beersel‘s location in Beersel.

Cheers – Kurt



PROXY and Shipping service for bottles bought at breweries in Belgium

Hi Lambic Fans !

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Brasserie Cantillon is releasing a seasonal 6-pack soon.
With our Belgiuminabox PROXY service we can help you to pick up and ship your purchased 6-pack.
If you’re able to get a Cantillon 6-pack…
Forward your reservation ticket to : Kurt@belgiuminabox.com
Visitors of Cantillon can bring their bottles (year-round) to Brussels Beer Project in center of Brussels (10 min from Cantillon) – then Belgiuminabox does the pickup and ship to your address.
Good luck and enjoy your lambics !
Cheers  –  Kurt