Brasserie De La Senne: NEW Brews, PILS, Memorabilia & Brewery Pack on Belgiuminabox shelves

Brasserie De La Senne: NEW Brews, PILS, Memorabilia & Brewery Pack on Belgiuminabox shelves

BOX of Zenne PILS

Today, we added NEW De La Senne products to our beer-shop:

De La Senne Brewery Pack + FREE Glass

NEW Brussels brews in store at Belgiuminabox

NEW & FRESH brews – made in Brussels – in store at Belgiuminabox:


NEW Oud Beersel Bag in Boxes in store

Brouwerij Oud Beersel BAG-IN-BOX :

Oud Beersel BAG-IN-BOX


Pajottenlander Organic Fruit Juices – Made in Belgium

Pajottenlander Organic Fruit Juices – 100% Made in Belgium (Peppingen), right in the middle of the Zenne valley (lambic country).

Apple Juice Bag in Box 5 liter

Check out the healthy and 100% organic fruit juices from Pajottenlander, here in store at

The company is established in Pajottenland, a fertile region located in the southwest of Brabant. Pajottenland is famous for its standard orchards bordered by hawthorn hedges, as well as its undulating landscape.
This region has traditionally been the fruit supplier of Brussels and its surrounding area, supplying mainly stone fruit such as cherries, sourcherries and plums, as well as small fruit such as redcurrants, strawberries and raspberries.

Pajottenlander organic fruit juice 100% Belgian Made


Eylenbosch NEW brewery & NEW beers in store

Brouwerij Eylenbosch a name with an epic value and beer history; Brouwerij Eylenbosch was a classic geuze-lambic brewery located in Dilbeek that sadly closed down in the 1980s.

Brouwerij Eylenbosch

Brouwerij Eylenbosch is now currently being re-launched by Eric De Keersmaeker, Jeroen Lettens and brewer Klaas Vanderpoorten.

Together their aim is to brew new Oude Gueuze and Kriek-Lambic brews.

Brouwerij Eylenbosch currently have the following beers in stock:


Ground Control De Cort Distillery Gins & Pastis

Ground Control – De Cort Distillery  – located in Pepingen in the hart of ‘Pajottenland’ makes 100% organic Gins and the 1st 100% Belgian Pastis with locally grown “ground controlled” produce like: potatoes, grain, wheat, apples,..

Ground Control : De Cort Distillery

Distilled by Master-Distiller Manu De Cort :

Brasserie Cantillon beers and packs in store at

Brasserie Cantillon beers & packs in store: