HopSaSam brews by Zythologist Sam Vanderstraeten

HopSaSam owned by zythologist and cheese-connaisseur Sam Vanderstraeten is the brewer of some exceptional & amazing brews :

Țuiple’Up aged on Romanian Țuică barrels

Oriel-HopSaSam Țuiple’Up Barrel-Aged 33 cl is a collab-brew with Romanian brewery Oriel & HopSaSam and is a Belgian Tripel barrel-aged on Romanian Țuică barrels (traditional distilled Romanian brandy).

3 types of barrels (oak, cherry, mulberry tree) that kept different types of Țuică (apples, pears, plums) put their mark on the beer resulting in an explosion of flavors in your mouth.
Exquisite notes of baked apples, pears and green plums with a smooth mouthfeel and a velvety dry aftertaste, make this Țuiple’Up a quintessence!

Timmermans Fruited lambic in cans

Brouwerij Timmermans is the oldest Lambic brewery – founded in 1702

Timmermans made 2 new fruited lambics :

The Timmermans Fruited lambics are available in cans and in a 6-pack :

Timmermans Lambicus (2×3-pack Cans) + FREE Timmermans Fruit Glass

3 Fonteinen Selection 2019

3 Fonteinen Selection Box 2019 :

Belgiuminabox put together a great selection box of recent and vintage 3 Fonteinen lambics and fruit lambics :

  • Oude Geuze Magnum Blend 45 Season 2017-2018 1.5 L (150 cl)
  • Hommage Bio-Framboos Honey Blend 60 Season 2017-2018 75 cl
  • Bio-Framboos Harvest 2017 Blend 70 Season 2017-2018 75 cl
  • Oude Geuze Golden Blend N°52 Season 2016-2017 75 cl
  • Oude Kriek (old label) 2016 75 cl
  • 2 x Oude Geuze Blend 52 Season 2017-2018 75 cl
  • 2 x Cuvée A&G Blend 69 Season 2017-2018 75 cl
  • 2 x Oude Kriek Blend 72 Season 2017-2018 37.5 cl
  • 2 x Oude Geuze Blend 41 Season 2017-2018 37.5 cl
  • 2 x Cuvée A&G Blend 26 Season 2017-2018 37.5 cl
  • 4 x Oude Geuze Golden Blend N° 24 Season 2017-2018 37.5 cl

3 Fonteinen Selection 2019 of 19 bottles is limited available on Belgiuminabox.com

Happy Easter : De Dolle Brouwers Boskeun 2019 in store at Belgiuminabox.com

De Dolle Brouwers Boskeun Speciaal Paasbier – Easter Beer – Bière de Paques 2019

Image result for de dolle brouwers logo

Seasonal Easter brew by De Dolle Brouwers of Esen is available in store per bottle and in Brewery Pack :

Brewery Pack + FREE Paté

Brasserie de Blaugies NEW 37.5 cl Bottlings

Brasserie de Blaugies NEW 37.5 cl bottlings, glassware and Brewery Pack in store :

Blaugies Brewery Pack + Blaugies Glass


NEWEST Alvinne brews in store

Brouwerij Alvinne is one of the top craft breweries in Belgium.

Belgiuminabox added the following great Alvinne brews to the beershop :