Introducing Brussels Beer Project Limited Edition brews at Belgiuminabox

Brussels Beer Project is one of Belgium’s top and most caracteristic craft breweries currently shaping the 2017 beer scene.

Logo Brussels Beer Project

Belgiuminabox has added the following exciting limited edition craft beers to it’s inventory :


Kempisch Vuur new brews and brewery sets in store

Brewery Pirlot is located NE of Antwerp is the brewery-distiller that makes ” Kempisch Vuur ” beer, jenever and liqueur.

Brouwerij Pirlot has put together a 6-pack of Kempisch Vuur brews + Kempisch Vuur glass and Kempisch Vuur mixed crate.

Kempisch Vuur 6-Pack + glass

Brewery Pirlot also makes some quality local liqueur and bitter like Kempisch Vuur Jenever , Kempisch Vuur Mastentop and Kempisch Vuur Sandel Bitter.

Kempisch Vuur Mastentop 50 cl


Liefmans Craft Brewery : Yell’oh on the rocks, the 2017 Summer beer

Liefmans Yell’oh on the rocks is a refreshing apero beer with a bold mix of exotic fruit, elderflower and basil.
Yell’Oh offers a new beer & apero experience that you can enjoy any time and any place.
To kick off or close out the weekend, with friends around the BBQ or the ultimate indulgence after a long day.

Liefmans Yell’oh on the rocks is now available at Belgiuminabox in 25 cl bottles, per Liefmans full crate and per Liefmans mixed crate.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor liefmans yell'oh logo
Liefmans Yell’oh on the rocks 25 cl
Liefmans mixed crate (8×3) 24 x 25 cl