De Ryck Special Belge Keg 5 L – De Ryck Tripel Keg 5 L – De Ryck Bierblomme Beer Schnaps

Farm-Brewery De Ryck originated in 1886 and is located in Herzele – in the Flemish Ardennes.

De Ryck brews beers like De Ryck Special Belge, De Ryck Tripel and the 125 year edition beer Gouden Arend, among others. is happy to add the De Ryck Special Belge and De Ryck Tripel to our inventory of 5 L Easy Kegs on the shop.

De Ryck Arend Tripel Keg 5 L
De Ryck Special Belge Keg 5 L

Brewery De Ryck also has a great beer schnaps (eau-de-vie) called “Bierblomme” and is a destilate of De Ryck Special Belge and seasoned with several special herbs under which orange and flowers (‘blomme’) of the hopplant.

De Ryck Bierblomme 70 cl (40%)


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