X-Mas Belgium Craft Beers Up for Grabs!

Still haven’t stocked up on beers this Christmas? It’s not too late to do so! We’ve lined up our top X-mas-themed beers for your drinking pleasure.

Still haven’t stocked up on beers this Christmas? It’s not too late to do so! We’ve lined up our top X-mas-themed beers for your drinking pleasure.

prearis-x-mas-33clPRÉARIS X-MAS 33 CL
With its intense mix of flavours, it’s like Christmas in a bottle! imagine a fresh and fruity nose, hints of peach, orange, pear, pale malts, leaves, and herbs. With its` medium sweet and bitter taste, you’ll love the dry, bitter finish at the end of each gulp. Brewed by Vliegend Paard brouwers with an ABV of 5%, this seasonal Prearis beer should be your Christmas beer staple!

bon-secours-blonde-de-noel-33-1_1024x1024BON SECOURS BLONDE DE NOËL 33 CL
Notably unique because it’s a one of a kind “blond Christmas beer”. Your Christmas beer stock would do well with this flavour. Ingredients include carefully selected malts, a judicious dose of hops and spices. You can only imagine how aromatic this beer would be once you pop the cap! With an ABV of 10%, this creation by Caulier deserves to be in your Belgiuminabox cart.

272-18333-thickboxGORDON X-MAS 33 CL
Brewed by John Martin (Scottish & Newcastle), with an ABV of 8%, this Gordon Christmas beer has a dark burgundy colour with a big, lasting white head. You’ll enjoy drinking this beer for its intense and unique flavours of almond, toffee, and hints of licorice. What’s even better is its mouth-watering aroma of fruitcake and caramel. A must-have for any beer aficionado, that’s for sure.

gouden-carolus-christmas-33clGOUDEN CAROLUS CHRISTMAS 33 CL

If you want a perfect mix of strong and spicy, this Gouden Carolus is just the perfect beer for you. With 10% ABV, this heavy, strong brown ale brewed by Anker will more than satisfy. It has a beautiful colour and is full of flavour. Think molasses, grapes, and hints of barleys and strong malts. Think fruits, plums and dates — all the wonderful Christmas flavours in one bottle.

Brewed by Brasserie des Fagnest, this beer has dark brown colour and tastes malty, medium sweet with notes of caramel. With a slightly sour touch, you will get hints of caramel, licorice, dried fruit — and even chocolate! The sweet, light bitterness with 8% ABV, is a delight to the senses that you can’t miss. This Super Des Fagnes Christmas edition beer will surprise you with its unique and lasting flavour!

corsendonk-christmas-ale-25-1_1024x1024CORSENDONK CHRISTMAS 25 CL
Best served at a temperature of 6-10°C, this ruby brown Christmas ale brewed by Corsendonk (Brasserie Du Bocq). Its warming aftertaste is boosted by spices and malty flavour. Its aromatic flavour is a fragrant mix of coffee, chocolate, toffee, red grapes and dried fruit. This is a blend you wouldn’t want to miss!

There isn’t a better online beer store to satisfy your thirst this Christmas! Have you decided on your beer yet? Why not get one of each? For extra warmth this holiday season, visit Belgiuminabox now! Happy Holidays!

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