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The newest family member of our Tasting Favourites series , is a very creative one.

Creative with Lambic’ is a collection of the greatest lambic-based experiments on, and off the market.
First off, we were able to include an experiment of one of the greatest blenders in lambic – Uli.

His H.ertie series are very respected amongst the lambic-community.
Even though his beers are normally not for sale anywhere,
our German friend has chosen Belgiuminabox.com to provide the community with his beers !

Uli’s first beer in our offering is Ohrwal – a collaboration with Freigeist (Germany).
Ohrwal is a blend of different Belgian lambics (different breweries) and a certain type of Trappist beer.

Next to Ohrwal, we have dry-hopped lambic (Cantillon Cuvée St. Gilloise), blends of blonde beer with lambic (Cuvée De Ranke,Vandewalle Reninge Bitter Blond á Lambiek, Vicaris Tripel-Gueuze, Kerkom Reuss), unblended old lambic (De Cam Oude Lambiek, Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella), Lambic methode Champagnoise (Oud Beersel Bzart Lambiek), Girardin Faro (sweetened Lambic), and Timmermans Blanche Lambicus.

A unique, creative collection that is a must for every lambic lover out there, who is willing to take a step into the unknown !


Cheers – Belgiuminabox team!




Author: Kurt

Hi, This is Kurt, the shop-owner of Belgiuminabox. I write blogposts about newly released beers by Belgian brewers, introductions on my beer-shop and various beer-topics on the Belgian beer-scene. Check Belgiuminabox regulary to stay informed of the latest beer-info !! Cheers, Kurt Belgiuminabox

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