Permanent Lower EU Shipping Fees

logo_bpost_landingThe delivery of parcels by Belgiuminabox’s shipping partner bpost throughout EU and to the rest of the world is undergoing major changes.

This means that the overall price of national & international delivery of goods goes down significantly.

Following is a list of countries that benefit the most of the latest price adjustments for delivery within EU countries :

  • gb United Kingdom (+ Iles & N. Ireland) : savings of up to 33 %
  • se Sweden : savings up to 51 %
  • fi Finland : savings up to 56 %
  • dk Denmark : savings up to 59 %
  • it Italy : savings up to 52 %
  • es Spain : savings up to 50 %
  • pt Portugal : savings up to 52 %
  • at Austria : savings up to 79 %
  • cz Czech Republic : savings up to 59 %
  • hu Hungary : savings up to 67 %
  • hr Croatia/Herzegovina : savings up to 58 %
  • pl Poland : savings up to 43 %
  • de Germany : savings up to 20 %
  • nl The Netherlands : savings up to 20 %
  • fr France : savings up to 32 %
  • lu Luxemburg : savings up to 50 %
  • be Belgium : savings up to 26 %

Note : ALL prices of shipments are calculated of boxes up to 30kg (except Spain & Poland = 20kg)

Discover the exact shipping fee for your country of delivery in “Shopping Cart” on the shop. will keep on working to optimize the shipping prices and is enhancing the packing and shipping process on a daily basis.

Belgiuminabox, right to your doorstep – wherever it is !!


Delirium Tremens 5 L Kegg for home use and Belgian beer-gift 2014

Brewery Huyghe from Melle is probably most famous for their award-winning Delirium Tremens beer which is exported to the far the corners of the world.

Recently however, the brewery came out with a very convenient 5 L kegg for home use.

The really fun thing about this product is the easyness of use, great pouring with a nice foam-head and the beer stays fresh till the last drop at the bottom of the kegg.

The kegg is the ideal beer gadget to bring to party’s or to give as a beer-gift for a Belgian beer-fan.

Along with the Delirium Tremens 5 L kegg, the brewery also made the 5 litre kegg for the La Guillotine and the Delirium Red brews.

Delirium Tremens 5 L Kegg  La Guillotine 5 L Kegg  Delirium Red 5 L Kegg

Delirium Tremens 5 L Kegg

La Guillotine 5 L Kegg

Delirium Red 5 L Kegg

All 3 different keggs are available at for order.

Note 1 : The kegg is small enough to be put in the fridge for perfect serve.

Note 2 : The Delirium keggs are safely shipped worldwide, right to your doorstep !!


Cheers !!