Made in Belgium : BUSS N°509 Flavor Gin

BUSS N° 509 : The first Antwerp Gin naturally flavored with fresh fruits

It’s the only gin on the market made with fresh fruits and of Belgian origin, inspired by passion and knowledge.

Originated in Antwerp, by Serge Buss, the finest herbs and fresh raspberries & pink grapefruit have been blended with a premium spirit, to create a gin that is delightfully full in flavor.

The gin is perfectly suited for aperitif and digestive.

BUSS N° 509 is an artisan distilled product and no additives were added.

Both BUSS N° 509 Gins are available on :


BUSS N°509 Raspberry 2014



The BUSS N° 509 Raspberry & Pink Grapefruit are fruit gins everyone will enjoy !!

BUSS N° 509 Pink Grapefruit 2014




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