Rodenbach Caractère Rouge Batch 3

After last year’s Batch 2 of the Limited Edition Rodenbach Caractère Rouge, Palm-Breweries, the mother-brewery of Brouwerij Rodenbach re-issued a new Batch of the hughly successful Rodenbach Caractère Rouge !!

I am very, very pleased Viki Geunes (the head-chef from restaurant ‘t Zilte in Antwerp) together with Rodenbach’s Master-Brewer Jan Toye (with backing from the brewery) decided to bring out this 3rd Batch in a bigger edition.

Read what Master-Brewer Jan Toye had to say about the 1st Batch :

The brewer allow the beer to macerate with fresh cherries, raspberries and cranberries. After this maceration in oak, the beer re-ferments in the bottle. The result is RODENBACH Caractère Rouge, an exceptional RODENBACH with fruit maceration and a 7% alcohol volume. The brew is more than unique and extremely exclusive, as only 900 75-cl bottles were produced.

Viki Geunes (Patron Quisinier) serves this wilful beer as part of his other unique range of beer varieties in his Restaurant ’t Zilte, at the Antwerp MAS museum.

This great Rodenbach brew is now for sale at the beer-shop.



Kurt, Antwerp May 13 2013.