De Cam Lambiek Special

Strait from the De Cam brewery in Gooik, late Monday afternoon I was able to secure Karel Goddeau’s latest brew:
the De Cam Special.

The De Cam Special is a lambic blend with 3 fruits.

This brew was introduced on the 1st RB Winter Gathering in December 2012 (label-less), but up until now it was unclear which fruits were added to this fuit-lambic.

Luckily all the bottles have there proper labels.

To clear the confusion to Belgian and Scandinavian owners of De Cam Special with label-less bottles: the fruit-lambic was made with whole yellow-gooseberry, blackberry and sour cherry.

Along with the De Cam Special, Belgiuminabox also opened up the De Cam Framboise-Lambiek to the beershop.

Ask Kurt to combine De Cam fruit-lambics to optimize on shipping and get free De Cam glassware.

Oh yeah, Karel gave me a taste of his new Framboise-young lambic direct from the keg, 33 % fruit per 100 litre !! Pure nature, awesome !!

Check out the new porducts at
De Cam Lambiek Special
De Cam Framboise-Lambiek

Cheers from Gooik,
Feb 12 2013

Author: Kurt

Hi, This is Kurt, the shop-owner of Belgiuminabox. I write blogposts about newly released beers by Belgian brewers, introductions on my beer-shop and various beer-topics on the Belgian beer-scene. Check Belgiuminabox regulary to stay informed of the latest beer-info !! Cheers, Kurt Belgiuminabox

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