Latest update on release of the 2012 Cantillon Fou Foune

Cantillon Fou Foune 2012

Last week, August 23 2012, I visited Cantillon Brewery at the Geudestraat in Brussels to pick up some glassware and to stock up on the Cantillon Geuze and Kriek.
I also was there to learn about the release of the 2012 Cantillon Fou Foune. Jean Van Roy, the master-brewer, confirmed me this year’s Fou Foune would come in bigger numbers than last year. Hey Hey !!
This has to do to the fact that there won’t be any Lou Pepe Kriek, because – here’s a piece of biology lesson – there was a shortage of bees to furtilize the Schaerbeekse cherrie trees. That left Jean with some extra Lambic which he could now use to make more of the Fou Foune.
This is the good news on the Fou Foune, now the bad news :
Due to the hot Summer we are experiencing here in Belgium this year, Jean is not capable of processing and bottling the Fou Foune at this point in time.
The extreme Summer heath is unfavorable and is causing a delay in the release of the Fou Foune, which is now due end of September. This all shows, we are – still – at the mercy of the birds and the bees, nature !!
  • Fact 1 : Cantillon Fou Foune is made with 1,200 kg of French Bergeron apricots for 3,000 litres of Lambic in total.
  • Fact 2 : Each year 4,000 bottles of Cantillon Fou Foune are distributed around the world, in equal numbers per country.
  • Fact 3 : Kurt is trying to get as much of the Fou Foune he can put his hands on.
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