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Kulminator Belgian Beer-PubAccording to the beer lovers from Ratebeer,  Antwerp beer-pub the “Kulminator” is voted as the Best Beer-Pub in the World. In 1974 Leen and Dirk founded the Kulminator. It wasn’t the first time Leen and Dirk won the price as “Best Beer-Pub in the World”, they did so back in 2007 and 2009 !”Kulminator” is the name of a 12 % brew from Kulenbach, Germany.
This Antwerp beer-pub is well known among locals and beer-enthusiasts from all over the world. It’s the reason why many people specially come to visit Antwerp. The pub has a variety of more than 800 different beers, mostly Belgian but also international. What makes this place so special is the range of aged beers –vintage beers – Dirk and his wife have in stock. The age of their vintage beer can go as old as the 1970ies !
Since 2000 let their members choose the Best Beer Bar, the Best Beer and the Best Beer-Restaurant.
Congratulations Leen and Dirk !

Cafe Kulminator, Vleminckveld 32, Antwerpen  Ph : xx3232324538

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