Report of the Beer Festival Visit by Zythos Member Billy Konings

A pity I couldn’t attend Belgium’s most famous Beer Festival myself !!  (I had problems with a photo-shoot  on Saturday, so I had to take the remaining photos on Sunday… The result – by the way – is very good and the new products will be added to the shop starting from next week)

Billy from Antwerps Bier College – Zythos’ Antwerp affiliate – told me he saw something completely new ,  5 year-old Lambic-beer  “Bag-in-Box” from Gueuze brewers Oud Beersel and Girardin.

They come in boxes of 5 and 10 l and are made for cafés, beer-fests and the like.

Of course I was interested to sell them on the web-shop !!  I made some quick phone-calls to the brewers, only to learn it was impossible to sell those Bag-in-Boxes and send them worldwide.

Lambic is a living beer and oxidization happens within a 2 week period (even if the box is not  opened).                Lambic-beer “Bag-in-Box” can thus only be consumed locally due to the small time frame, after which the beer oxidizes completely !!

The rest on the report will be posted later.



Author: Kurt

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