St Bernardus mixed crate with all brews incl crate

St Bernardus brewery, located in Watou – West Flanders is one of the best-known Belgian breweries.

Belgiuminabox already has all brews from St Bernard in store, but now we offer the mixed crate with all St Bernardus brews in the crate :

St Bernardus mixed crate 24 x 33 cl (6×4)

 St Bernardus mixed crate 24 x 33 cl (6x4)


5 Beer Crates for Christmas Parties

This holiday season, it’s time to stock up on these Belgian beers and there isn’t a better way to do it but by the crate. Here are our top five picks to make your Christmas celebrations extra merry!

Parties and celebrations are left and right at this time of year, and if you’re having people over (or if you need a really swell gift idea), special Belgian craft beer is the way to go! And we here at have the exact flavours that you, your family and friends would enjoy!

It’s time to stock up on these Belgian beers and there isn’t a better way to do it but by the crate. Here are our top five picks to make your Christmas celebrations extra merry!



  1. St. Bernardus Christmas Ale Full Crate 24×33 CL
    Brewery St Bernardus’ “youngest descendant” of Abbey Ales, this specialty beer is a must-taste for beer aficionados this holiday season. Pour it into a glass or drink it straight from the bottle, and you’ll get a tasteful punch of 10% alcohol, its velvety taste, and fruity nose. Don’t miss this seasonal beer and order St Berndardus from your most trusted Belgium beer shop now! 


  2. Chouffe Mixed Crate (4×6 LA-MC-IPA-N’ICE) 24×33 CL
    Get six bottles of La Chouffe, Mc Chouffe, Houblon Dobbelen IPA Chouffe, and N’Ice Chouffe. Brewed by Achouffe (Duvel-Moortgat), you’ll enjoy an array of blonde and brown beers. The N’Ice Chouffe ale is highly recommended because it’s fruity, lightly hoppy, and sparkling — the perfect Christmas treat to have in your fridge this season! 


  3. Grimbergen Mixed Crate 24×33 CL (6×4)
    Variety is the spice of life! Brewed by Alken-Maes, this mixed crate is made up of four bottles of 6 different types of Grimbergen beer. You’ll get the Blond, ale with ripe yellow fruit flavours; Dubbel, ale with a chocolatey and toffee taste; Trippel, a top-fermented beer that contains blond candy sugar and bitter hops; Goud, the traditional strong blonde beer; Winter, a classic beer with caramel and candy touches, and the special dark beer, Optimo Bruno. Get this amazing beer crate deal now! 


  4. Gouden Carolus Christmas Full Crate 24×33 CL
    A Christmas party is incomplete without Christmas-themed beers! Brewed by Anker, with an alcohol volume of 10-11, this strong brown ale is the right drink to keep warm this holiday season. Order the Gouden Carolus crate now and get a discount, from 67,20 € to just 55,00€! 


  5. Ter Dolen Donker Full Crate 24×33 CL
    Imagine a cold bottle of dark, top-fermented abbey beer, tasting the malt in three varieties, and two hops breeds. Get that taste and more this beer crate brewed by De Dool. With an alcohol volume content of 7-8%, you’ll surely need more than just one bottle to satisfy your taste for beer. Once considered a Christmas beer, it’s never too late to relish this flavour before and after this holiday season.

Don’t run out of your favourite drink this Christmas! For the best quality Belgian beer, only can satisfy all your beer needs. Visit our online liquor store for more flavours and other Belgian delicacies.