De Koninck, Duvel Moortgat & Liefmans Crowler 1 Litre in store at Belgiuminabox

Freshly tapped craft beer in crawlers of 1 litre from city-brewery De KoninckĀ  in Antwerp are now for sale at

Crowler of Lost in Spice Blond canned & sealed at city-brewery De Koninck

The beer is canned and sealed in 1 litre crowlers and ready to be shipped all over Europe and the UK.

To ensure the freshness of the beer – all orders of crowlers are shipped the same day they are tapped at city-brewery De Koninck.

Lost in Spice Blond Crowler 1 Litre

Following craft-brews are available in crowlers at Belgiuminabox :