Ground Control De Cort Distillery Gins & Pastis

Ground Control – De Cort Distillery  – located in Pepingen in the hart of ‘Pajottenland’ makes 100% organic Gins and the 1st 100% Belgian Pastis with locally grown “ground controlled” produce like: potatoes, grain, wheat, apples,..

Ground Control : De Cort Distillery

Distilled by Master-Distiller Manu De Cort :

Brouwerij Wilderen brews and distilates

Brouwerij Wilderen is a brew-pub and distillery located in Wilderen – Limburg in the NE part of Belgium.

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Brouwerij Wilderen has a nice assortment of beer, distilates (eau de bièreginjeneverrumwhisky), brewery glassware and brewery pack:

D-Day London Dry Gin Handcrafted 70 cl

D-Day London Dry Gin – Handcrafted – The taste of Freedom

The inspirer of D-Day Gin wants to honour his greandfather Albert Taylor who served as a British soldier under General Montgomeryduring World War II. D-Day Gin is a tribute to his courage !

The finest botanicals were carefully selected from all the places in the world where he fought for freedom; Egyptian coriander (Battle of El Alamein), Italian rosemary ((Battle of Monte Cassino, German juniper berries (Rheinland campaign),…

The best flavors of the world in 1 bottle, especially for the heroes.

Get your bottle of D-Day Gin here at

De Ryck Special Belge Keg 5 L – De Ryck Tripel Keg 5 L – De Ryck Bierblomme Beer Schnaps

Farm-Brewery De Ryck originated in 1886 and is located in Herzele – in the Flemish Ardennes.

De Ryck brews beers like De Ryck Special Belge, De Ryck Tripel and the 125 year edition beer Gouden Arend, among others. is happy to add the De Ryck Special Belge and De Ryck Tripel to our inventory of 5 L Easy Kegs on the shop.

De Ryck Arend Tripel Keg 5 L
De Ryck Special Belge Keg 5 L

Brewery De Ryck also has a great beer schnaps (eau-de-vie) called “Bierblomme” and is a destilate of De Ryck Special Belge and seasoned with several special herbs under which orange and flowers (‘blomme’) of the hopplant.

De Ryck Bierblomme 70 cl (40%)


RoomeR Elderblossom Aperitif in 20 cl and 50 cl bottles


RoomeR 20 cl

RoomeR 20 cl

RoomeR 50 cl

RoomeR Every Flower is a wish

RoomeR is a brand-new alcoholic beverage based on the rich flavors of elderblossom.

Each elderblossom(flower) is handpicked during harvest.

RoomeR is at it’s best if well-shaken, chilled and on the rocks.

A delicious apetizer or nightly cocktail !

RoomeR makes a great Belgian gift :))

Roomer 50 cl

Made in Belgium : BUSS N°509 Flavor Gin

BUSS N° 509 : The first Antwerp Gin naturally flavored with fresh fruits

It’s the only gin on the market made with fresh fruits and of Belgian origin, inspired by passion and knowledge.

Originated in Antwerp, by Serge Buss, the finest herbs and fresh raspberries & pink grapefruit have been blended with a premium spirit, to create a gin that is delightfully full in flavor.

The gin is perfectly suited for aperitif and digestive.

BUSS N° 509 is an artisan distilled product and no additives were added.

Both BUSS N° 509 Gins are available on :


BUSS N°509 Raspberry 2014



The BUSS N° 509 Raspberry & Pink Grapefruit are fruit gins everyone will enjoy !!

BUSS N° 509 Pink Grapefruit 2014




Gouden Carolus Single Malt

gouden-carolus-single-malt-070-l-Gouden Carolus Single Malt is a refined whisky distilled by Stokerij De Molenberg .

Charles Leclev from Brouwerij Het Anker in Mechelen and Stokerij De Molenberg joined forces and make a refined whisky distilled from the mash of Het Anker Gouden Carolus Tripel beer.

Stokerij De Molenberg is Belgium’s first whisky distillery where two hand-hammered, copper pot stills are used. This slow, double distillation process guarantees a pure and refined spirit, which is then matured in oak barrels.

The ensuing aging in classic Bourbon barrels followed by a further aging in Het Anker barrels (wooden barrels made by a barrel maker in accordance with the disteller’s own specifications) resulted in a refined whisky with a full and balanced taste.

The result after 3 years of aging is a refined whisky with a pure and balanced taste.

Chouffe Coffee, Chouffe Cream : X-mas Gifts Belgiuminabox

chouffe-coffee-liquor-070l-Belgiuminabox likes to present some great liquors from Brasserie d’Achouffe, the perfect gift for X-mas 2013 :

* Chouffe Coffee Liquor 25 % :

The Coffee Liquor is to be served hot, covered with whipped cream or ice-cold


chouffe-coffee-liquor-070l- (1)* Chouffe Cream Liquor 20 % :

Chouffe Cream is the subtle combination of cream, Esprit d’Achouffe (beer brandy), grain, alcohol and refined natural aromas.

Best served pure ‘on the rocks’.



The liquors  from Brasserie d’Achouffe are for sale at Belgiuminabox.

Cheers – Kurt