Brasserie Cantillon beers and packs in store at

Brasserie Cantillon beers & packs in store:

November 2019 Brabantiae

Dear Lambic Fan,

Congratulations on the purchase of the Cantillon 6-pack.
Important Note :
  • Mail us ONLY to : with the subject : “November 2019 Brabantiae ” in the title with your EventBrite Ticket & your ID – both in attachment
  • BIAB will then reply and supply you with the link to pay for the pack & shipping fee of the 6-pack
  • Our packing team will do everything in our power to ensure a quick processing and dispatching of your order.
  • Direct your inquiries or questions to :
Thank you  –  Kurt & Belgiuminabox team

Cantillon Brewery Pack (6x75cl)

Brasserie Cantillon Brewery Pack (6x75cl) in store at :

  • Cantillon Gueuze Lambic Bio 2018
  • Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella 2014-2018
  • Cantillon Cuvée Saint-Gilloise 2017
  • Cantillon Kriek Lambic Bio 2018
  • Cantillon Rosé de Gambrinus 2018
  • Cantillon Iris 2018

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Oude G(u)euze Brewery Pack

Belgiuminabox put together a pack of Oude G(u)euze brews of the breweries located in the Zenne region in and around Brussels.

Oude G(u)euze Brewery Pack of 13 x 37.5 cl 

Only ” Lambic ” can be brewed, blended and bottled within the Zenne Valley in and around Brussels and to be named ” Oude G(u)euze “.

This Oude Gueuze Brewery Pack is now added with the newest ” Brett-Elle Oude Geuze ” from Lambikfabriek.

This Brewery Pack is a unique pack of Oude G(u)euze bottlings and makes a unique gift for the novice and more experienced Lambic fans alike.

Cheers from Belgiuminabox !




Tasting Favourites – Funky Additions






What better way to spend a sunny day than with some Funky Lambics?
Exactly what we were thinking.

That’s why we decided (and our customers, which were already asking when the next “Tasting Favourites” would be available) to assemble another great follow-up for our “Tasting Favourites” series.
This time we decided to choose only lambics who have additions to them, “Funky Additions“.
With all kinds of fruit, herbs, flowers and more, it’s safe to say the inspiration of these breweries is amazing!

The following beers will be included in this package :


  • Lindemans Blossomgueuze 75cl
  • Lindemans SpontanBasil 75cl
  • De Troch Oude Kriek 37.5cl
  • Hanssens OudBeitje 37.5cl
  • Hanssens Experimental Raspberry 37.5cl
  • Cantillon Vigneronne 75cl
  • Cantillon Saint-Lamvinus 75cl
  • Lindemans Apple 37.5cl
  • Cantillon Fou Foune 75cl
  • De Cam Kriek-Lambiek 75cl
  • Mad Jerez 37.5cl
  • Timmermans Pêche Lambicus 25cl
  • Chapeau Citron 25cl


As usual, available in limited quantities.
So if you’re after this set of amazing beers, you can get yours right here.


Belgiuminabox Team

Tasting Favourites – Split Decision


9873By now many of you are already familiar with Belgiuminabox’s line of tasting favourites. But what happens if you can’t pick a favourite ?

A recent discussion about Boon Black Label & Boon-Mikkeller Bone Dry was going on in the past few months. Is Boon Black label the same beer as Boon Mikkeller ? 
Acoording to the brewery, it is not. According to some who drank it, it is. 

This raised questions in our team. What other beers are know as a “split decision” ? 
We have tried many beers in our career and some of the beers that are very alike, are very hard to pick a favourite from. 
We have put together 2 very alike bundle-packs that we think are very equal, yet very different.

We couldn’t decide what to upload, so we uploaded both of them; for you too choose from ! 

Of course you could always pick both, share them on a  tasting with friends and family and to see which ones you decide are the best ! 

These packages contain the following beers :


BE VS DEN Boon Black Label 75cl Boon Mikkeller Bone Dry 75cl
Cherry from Beersel 3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek 37.5cl Oud Beersel Oude Kriek 37.5cl
Raspberry Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus 37.5cl Boon Framboise 37.5cl
Geuze Oud Beersel Geuze 37.5cl Cantillon Belgian Flag Gueuze 37.5cl
Strong Geuze 3 Fonteinen Golden Blend 37.5cl Boon Mariage Parfait Geuze 37.5cl
Cherry Hanssens Oude Kriek 37.5cl Dekoninck Oude Kriek 37.5cl
Strong & Sour Bersalis Oak Aged 75cl 3 Fonteinen Golden Blend 75cl
Grape Cantillon Vigneronne Cantillon Lamvinus
All together Horal Megablend 2013 Horal Megablend 2015
Lambic Blends Vicaris Triple Gueuze 33 cl Reninge Bitter Blond à lambiek 37.5 cl
Re-brewed by Boon Dekoninck Oude Geuze 37.5cl Moriau Oude Geuze 37.5cl
Sour Stout Tillquin Stout Rullquin 75cl 3 Fonteinen 33cl
Faro Girardin Faro 37.5 cl Timmermans Faro 37.5 cl
Plum Tillquin Quetsche 37.5cl Tillquin Quetsche Prunes de Namur 37.5cl
Blended vs Unblended Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella Cantillon Gueuze 75 cl


You can get yours right here, untill supply lasts.

Cheers! – Belgiuminabox Team

Raspberry Goodness 2.0


Get ready for higher temperatures with refreshing fruited beers.

Raspberries are very well known for its subtle sweet-sour combination thus we made a package containing both sweet and sour raspberry beers.

The follow up of our highly acclaimed Raspberry Goodness Selection contains the following:

3 Fonteinen Framboos 2014

3 Fonteinen Hommage 2015

Cantillon Rosé de Gambrinus 2016

Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise 2012

De Cam Framboise-Lambiek

Boon Framboise 2013

Oud Beersel Framboise

Girardin Framboise

Timmermans Framboise Lambicus

Chapeau Lambic Framboise

Hof ten Dormaal Frambuesa i Chocolate

Lindemans Framboise

Nostalgie Framboise Jam/Confiture

You can get yours right here.

Cheers from Belgiuminabox team


Tasting Favourites – Creative with lambic



The newest family member of our Tasting Favourites series , is a very creative one.

Creative with Lambic’ is a collection of the greatest lambic-based experiments on, and off the market.
First off, we were able to include an experiment of one of the greatest blenders in lambic – Uli.

His H.ertie series are very respected amongst the lambic-community.
Even though his beers are normally not for sale anywhere,
our German friend has chosen to provide the community with his beers !

Uli’s first beer in our offering is Ohrwal – a collaboration with Freigeist (Germany).
Ohrwal is a blend of different Belgian lambics (different breweries) and a certain type of Trappist beer.

Next to Ohrwal, we have dry-hopped lambic (Cantillon Cuvée St. Gilloise), blends of blonde beer with lambic (Cuvée De Ranke,Vandewalle Reninge Bitter Blond á Lambiek, Vicaris Tripel-Gueuze, Kerkom Reuss), unblended old lambic (De Cam Oude Lambiek, Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella), Lambic methode Champagnoise (Oud Beersel Bzart Lambiek), Girardin Faro (sweetened Lambic), and Timmermans Blanche Lambicus.

A unique, creative collection that is a must for every lambic lover out there, who is willing to take a step into the unknown !


Cheers – Belgiuminabox team!




The Cherry Goodness Selection is being released.










After a year with so many special releases in ‘Lambic-Land’  we have decided to put together another great follow up in our Tasting Favourites series. This time we went for the fruit that practically every lambic producer likes to use, Cherries!

The Cherry Goodness Selection is a get together of some new or earlier released beers including 3 Fonteinen’s Hommage and Intense red (which is been released in 75cl bottles for the first time). the new bottling of Bzart kriekenlambiek bière brut ( millésime 2012 ) , De Troch oude kriek ( first time released since 1980, with 35 % of schaarbeekse cherries )  and other cherry-sours.

There is more Oude Kriek available than we could fit into this package but those can also be found on our webshop so feel free to expand your cherry experience to the fullest.


This selection contains the following:

3 Fonteinen Hommage 75cl
3 Fonteinen Intense red 75cl
3 Fonteinen Oude kriek 2015 75cl
De Cam kriekenlambiek 75cl
Cantillon Kriek 2015 75cl
De Ranke Kriek 75cl
Bzart Kriekelambiek Millésime 2012 75cl
Hanssens Schaerbeerkse kriek 37.5cl
Lindeman Cuvée rené Rene oude kriek 75cl
Cantillon Kriek 2015 37.5cl
De Troch oude kriek 37.5cl
3 Fonteinen oude Kriek 2014 37.5cl
Hof ten Dormaal Kriek 33cl
De leite Cuvée Soeur’Ise Triple Kriek 33cl


If you want to get your hands on this collection of excellent beers you can get yours right here.


Cheers and all the best for 2016!

Belgiuminabox team.




New Fruit-Lambic collection available at

1 (1) is happy to announce another release in our Tasting Favourites-Series.

We have put together yet another fine selection of Lambic brews!

This time we managed to get a collection together with a wide range of Fruit-Lambics with as many different kinds of fruit as we were able to.

With the recent re-release of the Cantillon Fou’ Foune, which all lambic lovers have been waiting for, together with Oud Beersel’s Green Walnut, Pierre Tilquin’s Mûre and many more we succeeded in putting together a collection worth being labeled ‘Tasting Favourites’. Along with previous releases like the Lambic Blends Collection’s, Horal and Friends and others which all sold out quickly, we are confident this pack will be appreciated by any Lambic enthousiast.

Here’s a quick line up:

  • Cantillon Vigneronne 2014 75cl – Muscat Grape
  • Oud Beersel Green Walnut 2015 75cl – Wallnut
  • Cantillon Fou’ Foune 2015 75cl – Bergerons Apricot
  • Tilquin Quetsche Prunes de Namur 2014-2015 37.5cl – Plum de Namur
  • Tilquin Quetsche 2014-2015 37.5cl – Plum
  • Hanssens Schaerbeekse Kriek 75cl – Schaerbeekse Cherry
  • Tilquin Oude Mûre 2014-2015 37.5cl – Blackberry
  • Timmermans Pêche Lambicus 25cl – Peach
  • Boon Framboise 2008 75cl – Raspberry
  • Hanssens Oud Beitje 37.5cl – Strawberry
  • Lindemans Apple 37.5cl – Apple
  • Lindemans Cassis 37.5cl – Cassis
  • De Cam Lambiek Special 75cl – Yellow Gooseberry, Blackberry and Sour Cherry.
  • 3F Oude Kriek 2014 37.5cl – Sour Cherry

So if you want to get your hands on the ultimate Fruit-Lambic Collection of 2015 this is were you have to be.


Belgiuminabox Team