HopSaSam Nonniversaire Calvados Barrel Aged

HopSaSam (brew-master Sam Vanderstraeten) from Oudenaarde brews the Nonniversaire Copper Colored Specialty beer aged on Calvados barrels.

HopSaSam Nonniversaire Calvados BA 2017

A limited availabilty barley wine brewed with 6 different malts, underwent primary fermentation with a typical abbey ale yeast.

The second fermentation occured with champagne yeast and then the beer was matured for 4.5 months on oak calvados barrels to deploy it’s intense and unique aromas.

After the aging process, the beer got it’s 3rd refermentation in the bottle, again with Champagne yeast for 2 months.

HopSaSam Nonniversaire Calvados BA 2017 is now limited available on Belgiuminabox.

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