Spencer Trappist 33 cl brews & Brewery Pack in store

American Spencer Trappist of Spencer, MA currently have the following brews in their assortment :

Belgiuminabox put together a Spencer Trappist Brewery Pack + Spencer Trappist Glass

Brussels Beer Project Jungle Joy 33 cl

Brussels Beer Project Jungle Joy

Brussels Beer Project Jungle Joy, a perfect showcase of mango and passion fruit in a beer, without added sugar or artificial aromas, only the good stuff!

This generous and greedy glutton also brings fruity freshness and a touch of acidity.

Brussels Beer Project Jungle Joy is now available on Belgiuminabox.com, also check other limited, regular brews and Brewery Pack by Brussels Beer Project on the beer-shop.

Brussels Beer Project

Belgian Beer Paté by Veurn’Ambachtse

Belgian beer-paté go very well with the beer they are made with.

Belgiuminabox has a wide range of patés made with Belgian beer in store.

All beer-patés are available in 1 box of 15 different patés:

Belgian Beer Paté Box of 15 :


Brouwerij De Leite NEW beers in store

Belgiuminabox added some new bottlings, ‘pop-up’ brews and brewery pack to our shop’s inventory  from Belgian Brouwerij De Leite :

Check out other De Leite brews, full crates and mixed crates in store !

Duvel Barrel Aged Batch N°2 + Duvel Barrel Aged Glass

Duvel Barrel Aged Batch N°2 + Duvel Barrel Aged Glass

The captivating taste evolution is due to two important factors. The oak barrel, charred on the inside, delivers smoky and vanilla flavors. The wood is also infused with the original bourbon, which delivers sensational flavor devolpment with caramel notes.

Order Duvel Bourbon barrel aged Batch 2 @ Belgiuminabox.com while in stock.