De Dolle Brouwers Boskeun – Easter beer

The 2017 Easter brew from De Dolle Brouwers called “Boskeun” has been released by the brewery and is now available @

De Dolle Boskeun 2017 33 cl

Boskeun is Flemish dialect for “Easter Bunny” and is only available during Spring.

Get your bottles today while stocks are available.

Also check the other great brews, glassware and posters of De Dolle Brouwers – one of the first craft breweries in Belgium and in business since 1980.

De Dolle Brouwers

Happy Easter !!

Sint Sixtus Westvleteren Brewery Pack

Sint Sixtus Westvleteren are most known for their limited produced Westvleteren 12 (Abt) which was voted on as “N°1 Beer in the World” for several years.

Belgiuminabox has been selling the Westy brews and glassware in our beershop for many years. is offering a complete Westvleteren Brewery Pack :

Sint Sixtus Westvleteren Brewery Pack
  • 24 x Westvleteren 12 (Abt) bottling year 2017
  • 2 x Westvleteren 33 cl glasses
  • 1 piece of Westvleteren cheese +/- 320 gr (FREE)
  • 1 x Westvleteren wooden crate

Hint : Consider giving Westvleteren as gift to friends, family, business, holidays,…

Note : Safe, secure and affordable shipping to Belgian beerfans in Europe, US, Australia, Japan, Korea – no extra import taxes or duties upon or after delivery !

Brasserie Dubuisson Bush Pêche Mel per bottle – full crate – mixed crate

Brasserie Dubuisson is the brewer of the Bush line of beers.

Bush Pêche Mel 33 cl

Located in Pipaix, Brasserie Dubuisson is one of the oldest and most authentic Belgian breweries in Belgium.

Pêche Mel Bush – where the strongest Belgian beer and the flavor and taste of ripe peaches come together…

Pêche Mel Bush was actually born as a popular student coctail and was basically a combination of Bush Ambrée (Amber) and peach beer.

Pêche Mel Bush comes highly recommended for beer lovers of fruit beers with caracter and is without doubt the strongest Belgian fruit beer !!

Bush BlondBush AmberBush Pêche Mel are all available per bottle and per full crate.

Bush brews are also available in per mixed crate at

Bush (Blond-Amber-Pêche) mixed crate 24 x 33 cl


Brouwers Verzet NEW products in store + 6-pack Brewery Collection deal

On my recent visit to the the brewers at ‘t Verzet in Anzegem – West Flanders I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the cool brews these guys make :




All 6 of these Verzet brews are now for sale at per bottle and together in a 6-pack Brewery Collection + FREE Brouwers Verzet Tasting Glass :

Verzet 6-pack Brewery Collection + FREE Tasting Glass


Brouwers Verzet has other highly recommended brews in their Oud Bruin Infusions Series :



Check regulary – Limited stock on these bottlings



Sint Sixtus Westvleteren 12 Abt 2017 bottling just in at

The Trappist monks of Sint Sixtus Westvleteren – the world renouned Trappist beer – started to bottle and sell the 2017 Westvleteren 12 (Abt).

Trappist Westvleteren 12 (Abt) 2017 bottling

Westvleteren 12 bottle cap typically indicate the bottle date + 3 years, so the 2017 bottling have an expiry date of Day X – Month X and then the Year 2020. has all Sint Sixtus Westvleteren brews and glassware in it’s inventory of Belgian top products :

Westvleteren 12 Abt 2017 33 cl

Westvleteren 12 Abt full crate of 24 x 33 cl (incl the wooden case)

Westvleteren 12 Abt volume pack of 28 bottles (20 kg)

Westvleteren 12 Abt volume pack of 42 bottles (30 kg)

Enjoy Westvleteren beer among friends and family – safe packing – worldwide delivery.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor westvleteren logo
Sint Sixtus Westvleteren products





Duvel Tripel Hop Citra 2017

Duvel Tripel Hop : Citra Dry-Hopping 2017 33 cl

Duvel was in search of finding the best and ultimate Tripel Hop. After a beer competition among 5000 beer fans the Citra hop variety came out as the favorite flavor that enriched the Duvel taste the most. The other 2 hops used are Saaz-Saaz and Styrian Golding.

Citra hops cones – originated from the Yakima Valley in Washington – are added in the lagering process of the beer.

The Citra hop aromas intensify and refine the finished beer.

Duvel Tripel Hop Citra 2017 is available at in 33 cl bottles and per full crate.

Duvel Tripel Hop Citra Dry-Hopped 2017 full crate 24 x 33 cl




Inglorious Quad brews at

A few blocks from the Belgiuminabox warehouse/shop in Deurne, local Antwerp Brewery Inglorious Brew Stars is a young brewery of twin brothers Erwin and Benny Van Aerschot who started the brew-house back in 2014.

Inglorious Brew Stars Brewery

Their start-up brew ” Inglorious Quad ” (IQ) won 2 prices in Belgium (Brussels Beer Challenge – Gold Medal 2015) and The Netherlands (Best Home Brew of Belgium and The Netherlands 2014).

Their newest brew “Inglorious Quad aged on Whisky oak barrels” is now bottled and introduced on the market after a succesful try-out at local Antwerp beer-pubs and beer-festivals across Belgium and Holland.

Inglorious Quad Whisky Barrel Aged Batch 2-3

The barrel aged of the Quad comes in 2 verieties :

Another house-brew of Inglorious Brew Stars is “Cum Laude” which was introduced in 2015 as a campus beer of the University of Antwerp, this blonde beer is available in 33 cl and 75 cl bottlings.

Cum Laude : the official brew of the University of Antwerp



RoomeR Elderblossom Aperitif in 20 cl and 50 cl bottles


RoomeR 20 cl

RoomeR 20 cl

RoomeR 50 cl

RoomeR Every Flower is a wish

RoomeR is a brand-new alcoholic beverage based on the rich flavors of elderblossom.

Each elderblossom(flower) is handpicked during harvest.

RoomeR is at it’s best if well-shaken, chilled and on the rocks.

A delicious apetizer or nightly cocktail !

RoomeR makes a great Belgian gift :))

Roomer 50 cl

Het Nest Mixed Crate of 2 x 12 brews – limited edition

Hobby Brouwerij Het Nest

Hobby-Brewery Het Nest (founded by 8 friends in 2013) is located in Oud-Turnhout, near Antwerp and is the world-capital for making playing cards.

The brewery make a lot of different style beers, all of which are called names well-known in the world of cards.

Names such as Ace of Spades, Queen of Diamonds, Poker Face, Butterfly, Dead Man’s Hand, Jack of Spades and many more. has put together 12 different style beers from Het Nest and now offers them in a mixed crate of 24 bottles.

Hobby Brewery Het Nest : 2 x 12 brews of 33 cl + Het Nest crate

Het Nest has it’s own original beerglass inspired on the playing card theme.

Hobby Brouwerij Het Nest Glass 33 cl


Jack of Spades – SchuppenBoer Tripel is available in 33 cl and 75 cl bottles.

Het Nest Mixed Crate of 12 different beer-styles (24 bttls total) is currently available till supply last.

Order your Het Nest brewery collection today.