Warm Up Your Holiday with these 5 Winter Beverages

Make the most of your holiday season with these Belgian beverages. Don’t miss out on any of these fantastic flavours!


Winter is coming and best be ready! You need more than just your scarf and coat to beat the dip in temperature. There’s just no better way to do it but with our special Winter beer picks for this chilly weather. Check out our top five Belgian products for sale this merry season!


  1. Filliers Speculoos Jenever 70 CL
    Who doesn’t love Speculoos? Experience the rich taste with Filliers Speculoos Jenever, one of our most unique beverages in stock! With or without ice, its 20% ABV will warm you up on cold winter nights. The flavour is a feat on its own; think thick cream, hints of chocolate, vanilla, amaretto — all rolled into one perfect taste. Don’t miss out on this amazing Filliers Jenever flavour and order now!

  2. Kerkom Winterkoninkske 33 CL
    With an ABV of 8%, this beer by Kerkom (Bink Brouwerij) is as good as a warm blanket on a winter day. Seven types of malt, two Belgian types of hop, yeast, and brewing liquor — all of these to make this special bottle of Kerkom beer. This unfiltered, non-pasteurized beer will definitely satisfy your thirst.
  3. Winter Bie 33 CL
    For just 2,99 €, not only will you rake in loyalty points, but a warm winter holiday season with the Winter Bie. Its 8% ABV is just the right temperature for those chilly nights! This Du Brabant Christmas beer is a great treat to have whether you’re having people over or not!


  4. Chapeau Winter Gueuze (X-Mas Gueuze) 37.5 CL
    What’s so special about this lambic ale? It’s the special raisins that are added to the Gueuze to give it a distinct holiday flavour. This beer has an ABV of 5-6% and is brewed by De Troch. Order this special X-Mas Gueuze and get up to four loyalty points!


  5. Elixir D’Anvers Koffie De Beukelaer 50 CL
    Our winter beer collection isn’t complete without this treat! This concoction has an ABV of 19% and is a mouth-watering flavour of coffee. From the finest Ethiopian and Colombian coffees, it’s magic when combined with 32 herbs and of course, Elixir d’Anvers, one of the most famous Belgian liqueurs. Make this drink your staple this Christmas and get your own delicious Elixir D’Anvers Koffie bottle now!

Make the most of your holiday season with your regular fill of Belgium craft beer. It’ll be a shame to miss out on any of these fantastic beverages! Explore the best online beer delivery service in the world at Belgiuminabox.com.

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