Warm Up Your Holiday with these 5 Winter Beverages

Make the most of your holiday season with these Belgian beverages. Don’t miss out on any of these fantastic flavours!


Winter is coming and best be ready! You need more than just your scarf and coat to beat the dip in temperature. There’s just no better way to do it but with our special Winter beer picks for this chilly weather. Check out our top five Belgian products for sale this merry season!


  1. Filliers Speculoos Jenever 70 CL
    Who doesn’t love Speculoos? Experience the rich taste with Filliers Speculoos Jenever, one of our most unique beverages in stock! With or without ice, its 20% ABV will warm you up on cold winter nights. The flavour is a feat on its own; think thick cream, hints of chocolate, vanilla, amaretto — all rolled into one perfect taste. Don’t miss out on this amazing Filliers Jenever flavour and order now!

  2. Kerkom Winterkoninkske 33 CL
    With an ABV of 8%, this beer by Kerkom (Bink Brouwerij) is as good as a warm blanket on a winter day. Seven types of malt, two Belgian types of hop, yeast, and brewing liquor — all of these to make this special bottle of Kerkom beer. This unfiltered, non-pasteurized beer will definitely satisfy your thirst.
  3. Winter Bie 33 CL
    For just 2,99 €, not only will you rake in loyalty points, but a warm winter holiday season with the Winter Bie. Its 8% ABV is just the right temperature for those chilly nights! This Du Brabant Christmas beer is a great treat to have whether you’re having people over or not!


  4. Chapeau Winter Gueuze (X-Mas Gueuze) 37.5 CL
    What’s so special about this lambic ale? It’s the special raisins that are added to the Gueuze to give it a distinct holiday flavour. This beer has an ABV of 5-6% and is brewed by De Troch. Order this special X-Mas Gueuze and get up to four loyalty points!


  5. Elixir D’Anvers Koffie De Beukelaer 50 CL
    Our winter beer collection isn’t complete without this treat! This concoction has an ABV of 19% and is a mouth-watering flavour of coffee. From the finest Ethiopian and Colombian coffees, it’s magic when combined with 32 herbs and of course, Elixir d’Anvers, one of the most famous Belgian liqueurs. Make this drink your staple this Christmas and get your own delicious Elixir D’Anvers Koffie bottle now!

Make the most of your holiday season with your regular fill of Belgium craft beer. It’ll be a shame to miss out on any of these fantastic beverages! Explore the best online beer delivery service in the world at Belgiuminabox.com.

Kerkom Winterkoninkske Cuvée 2015 75 cl on shelves at Belgiuminabox

Brewery Kerkom from Kerkom (Sint Truiden) have their seasonal “Winterkoninkske” Cuvée 2015 out.

Kerkom Winterkoninkske Haspengouwse Grand Cru Cuvée 2015 has been lagered and matured in American Oak wooden barrels before being bottled and corked in 75 cl bottles

At 13% this seasonal brew makes an extra strong Grand Cru perfect to be enjoyed during Winter !!



Boon Oude Geuze Mono Blend Vat 109 37.5 cl

Geuze Brewery Boon from Lembeek has released their 3rd version of the Vat Monoblends; Boon Oude Geuze Mono Blend Vat 109, after the Vat 44 and Vat 79

Traditional Oude Geuze VAT 109 is a ‘Monoblend’ composed for 90% with Lambic from cask (foeder) N°109.

Brewed on April 16 2014 and bottled April 18 2016, ‘Oude Geuze’ is a EU protected appelation.

Vat 79 and the newest Vat 109 are currently for sale at Belgiuminabox.com


Kasteel Rouge from Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck in 33 cl, 75 cl, per crate and in cans of 33 cl

Kasteel Rouge beer, a blend of Kasteel Donker and sweeet cherry liqueur is now available at Belgiuminabox.com.

Kasteel Rouge is available in bottles of 33 cl and 75 cl, per full crate and mixed crate and in cans of 33 cl.

“A Kasteel ‘out of the box’.” Xavier Van Honsebrouck (Brew-Master at Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck)

Kasteel Rouge


Cheers for Beers: The BelgiuminaBox Christmas Collection is Here!

This limited edition Christmas package is the best gift you can give anyone (yourself included) who wants a taste of authentic Belgian beers.


Oh YES, the ultimate BelgiuminaBox Christmas Collection is here! This limited edition Christmas package is the best gift you can give anyone who wants a taste of authentic Belgian beers, yourself included. What’s included in the #BelgiumXmasBox?

Because we know you love only the best beers in the world, we’ve prepared a fine selection of limited edition Belgian beers for you. The Christmas Collection includes a bottle of St Bernardus Christmas Ale, Delirium Christmas, Grimbergen Winter, Abbaye des Rocs Speciale Noel, Bush de Noel, Val-Dieu Biere de Noel, Elixir d’Anvers de Beukelaer, N’Ice Chouffe, and Leffe Biere de Noel – Kerstbier, Prearis X-Mas, Cidre Ruwet Apple, Adriaen Brouwer Winter Wood, Super des Fagnes Christmas, and De La Senne Winter Mess 2016. You can’t possibly miss any of these delightful flavours. We’ll even throw in a box of Guylian Sea Shells Box of 6 to sweeten the deal!

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Abbaye de Maredsous Belgian Cheeses in flavors at Belgiuminabox.com

Maredsous is well-known for their abbey-style beers and are brewed by Brewery Duvel-Moortgat.

The Abbey of Maredsous is also known in Belgium for their tasteful “fromage fondu” or “smeerkaas” or cheese spreads.

Belgiuminabox.com has added 6 different flavors to our growing inventory of Belgian Delicacies in the shop :

Enjoy the best beer in Belgium together with Belgian cheeses !



5 Beer Crates for Christmas Parties

This holiday season, it’s time to stock up on these Belgian beers and there isn’t a better way to do it but by the crate. Here are our top five picks to make your Christmas celebrations extra merry!

Parties and celebrations are left and right at this time of year, and if you’re having people over (or if you need a really swell gift idea), special Belgian craft beer is the way to go! And we here at BelgiuminaBox.com have the exact flavours that you, your family and friends would enjoy!

It’s time to stock up on these Belgian beers and there isn’t a better way to do it but by the crate. Here are our top five picks to make your Christmas celebrations extra merry!



  1. St. Bernardus Christmas Ale Full Crate 24×33 CL
    Brewery St Bernardus’ “youngest descendant” of Abbey Ales, this specialty beer is a must-taste for beer aficionados this holiday season. Pour it into a glass or drink it straight from the bottle, and you’ll get a tasteful punch of 10% alcohol, its velvety taste, and fruity nose. Don’t miss this seasonal beer and order St Berndardus from your most trusted Belgium beer shop now! 


  2. Chouffe Mixed Crate (4×6 LA-MC-IPA-N’ICE) 24×33 CL
    Get six bottles of La Chouffe, Mc Chouffe, Houblon Dobbelen IPA Chouffe, and N’Ice Chouffe. Brewed by Achouffe (Duvel-Moortgat), you’ll enjoy an array of blonde and brown beers. The N’Ice Chouffe ale is highly recommended because it’s fruity, lightly hoppy, and sparkling — the perfect Christmas treat to have in your fridge this season! 


  3. Grimbergen Mixed Crate 24×33 CL (6×4)
    Variety is the spice of life! Brewed by Alken-Maes, this mixed crate is made up of four bottles of 6 different types of Grimbergen beer. You’ll get the Blond, ale with ripe yellow fruit flavours; Dubbel, ale with a chocolatey and toffee taste; Trippel, a top-fermented beer that contains blond candy sugar and bitter hops; Goud, the traditional strong blonde beer; Winter, a classic beer with caramel and candy touches, and the special dark beer, Optimo Bruno. Get this amazing beer crate deal now! 


  4. Gouden Carolus Christmas Full Crate 24×33 CL
    A Christmas party is incomplete without Christmas-themed beers! Brewed by Anker, with an alcohol volume of 10-11, this strong brown ale is the right drink to keep warm this holiday season. Order the Gouden Carolus crate now and get a discount, from 67,20 € to just 55,00€! 


  5. Ter Dolen Donker Full Crate 24×33 CL
    Imagine a cold bottle of dark, top-fermented abbey beer, tasting the malt in three varieties, and two hops breeds. Get that taste and more this beer crate brewed by De Dool. With an alcohol volume content of 7-8%, you’ll surely need more than just one bottle to satisfy your taste for beer. Once considered a Christmas beer, it’s never too late to relish this flavour before and after this holiday season.

Don’t run out of your favourite drink this Christmas! For the best quality Belgian beer, only BelgiuminabBox.com can satisfy all your beer needs. Visit our online liquor store for more flavours and other Belgian delicacies.

Guylian Chocolate Sea Shells and Sea Horses at Belgiuminabox.com

Guylian is a well-known Belgian chocolate manufacturer originated in 1958 in Sint-Niklaas.

Guylian chocolates have become world famous for making the delicious Sea Shells & Sea Horses chocolates.

All Guylian chocolate is made with 100% pure cocoa butter.

A box of Guylian chocolates are the ultimate Belgian gift that make chocolate lovers happy with each indulgent bite.

Belgiuminabox.com has added the different flavors of the Sea Horses Chocolate boxes to the shop :


Chimay Grande Réserve Aged in Wooden Casks

Chimay is paying homage to an ancestral method; ageing its Chimay Blue in wooden barrels.

This ageing method provides it with exceptional flavors and a complex taste.

This taste varies depending on the type of barrel used.

The Barrel Aged Chimay Grande Réserve undergoes a 3rd fermentation in the bottle.

Belgiuminabox follows all releases by the Trappist brewery of Chimay (l’Abbaye de Scourmont), among those are the Cognac Barrel Aged bottlings :

Batch 1 Vintage November 2015

Batch 2 Vintage March 2016

Both Chimay bottlings are produced in limited amounts using craft-brewing methods and are currently in store.