Malheur 6-10-12 full crates and mixed crates available at has added the beers of Brouwerij Malheur (De Landtsheer) available per full crate and mixed crate to the beer-shop :

Malheur 6-10-12 mixed crate








Full crates and mixed crates are a great beer-gift for yourself or any other Belgian beer-fan.

Visit Belgiuminabox ” beer by the crate shop ” to find your favorite beers in store.

Buying beer by the crate at Belgiuminabox is easy for storage, secure to ship and saves money.

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OWA beers at Belgiuminabox warehouse-shop

Leo Imai – the master brewer and founder of OWA Brewery brought some of his brews to our warehouse.

Japanese national Leo Imai lives and works out of Brussels where he usues Japanese ingredients to make his beers like Stout, Grand Cru and different style Lambics and Fruit Lambics.

Fruit Lambics like lemon peal , cherry leaves, cherry blossom or Japanese plum.

Leo Imai at Belgiuminabox warehouse-shop







OWA Yuzu Lambic in 37.5 cl & 75 cl bottles

OWA Yuzu Lambic 2016 37.5 cl

OWA Yuzu Lambic 2016 75 cl










OWA Ume Lambic 2016 37.5 cl

OWA Ume Lambic 2016 37.5 cl


Buy Belgian Brewery full crates & mixed crates online @ is the webstore for buying Belgian beers, alcohols, glassware and merchandising.

Apart from a beerstore that sells individual brews by the bottle in 25 cl, 33 cl, 75 cl and oversized bottlings, Belgiuminabox has a seperate beer-category that has all Belgian beers available in ” full crate ” and ” mixed crate ” including the brewery crate (case).

Belgian beer enthousiasts are looking for the real Belgian experience by having the original beer available in it’s own brewery crate just like regular Belgians are having that convenience.

Buying Belgian beer ” by the crate ” has many advantages, like :

  • easy and safe packing fit for international shipping
  • easy and comfortable storing at home or business
  • nice looking and original brewery crates (cases)
  • improved and overall better customer satisfaction by Belgiuminabox customers

Buying ” mixed crates ” mean that all brews from the brewery are available in the crate per 4-6-8 bottles but totalling a full crate of 20-24 bottles (depending on the line of beers made by the brewery).

Check out some of the shop’s full crate beers :

Delirium Tremens


Delirium Tremens full crate 24 x 33cl









Kasteelbier Donker

Kasteelbier Donker full crate 24 x 33 cl









Some of the shop’s popular ” mixed crate ” beers :


Westmalle (Dubbel-Tripel-Extra) mixed crate 24 x 33 cl









Rochefort (6-8-10) mixed crate 24 x 33 cl









Go to the ” beer ” or to ” beer by the crate ” to look up the shop’s crates.

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Wieze Belgian Premium Tripel

 Wieze Premium Belgian Tripel 33 clWieze Premium Belgian Tripel full crate 24 x 33 cl










Wieze Tripel is a top-fermented Belgian beer, re-fermented in the bottle.

It is brewed according to a unique recipe as a tribute to the heritage and tradition of the Van Roy Brewery from Wieze.

It is a beer with a subtle spicy taste, complex hop aroma and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Serve chilled in a spherical Wieze glass !

Wieze Tripel is available on in 33 cl bottles and per full crate

Cheers  –  Kurt


Timmermans Oude Lambiek bag-in-box 5 L

New stock of Timmermans Oude Lambiek – Bag in Box

100% matured on oak wooden barrels

Pipe n° 20

Lambic brewed on Jan 7 2015

Brouwerij Timmermans is the “World’s oldest Lambic Brewery” and is in business since 1702 has a fresh supply of Timmermans Oude Lambic bag-in-box 5 L and limited available till supply lasts.

Timmermans Oude Lambiek bag-in-box 5 L

Sint Sixtus Westvleteren 12 Vintage 2014-2015-2016 + wooden crate

Westvleteren 12 (Abt) of St Sixtus Abbey in Westvleteren is probably the best known Trappist.

For many years in a row, Westvleteren 12 (Abt) was elected and has won many awards in Belgium and abroad for best beer. have all the Westvleteren brews in the shop’s inventory.

Here we offer Westvleteren 12 in mixed crates of different bottling years (2014-2015-2016).

The trappist beer evolves in flavour over the years and the Westvleteren 12 acquires a more rounder and deeper taste as the brew grows older.

8 bottles of each bottling year totalling into a full wooden Westvleteren crate of 24 bottles.

This selection of Westvleteren 12 bottlings and the wooden crate make a perfect beer-gift for any Belgian Trappist-fan !

Sint Sixtus Westvleteren 12 Vintage 2014-2015-2016 + wooden crate

Sint Sixtus Westvleteren 12 Vintage 2014-2015-2016 + wooden Westvleteren crate