Delirium Tremens, La Guillotine, Delirium Red in 5 L keg

Brewery Huyghe Delirium Kegs 5 LBrouwerij Huyghe from Melle in Belgium brews the world-famous Delirium line of beers like the Delirium Tremens, Delirium Red, La Guillotine and Delirium Nocturnum among many other bottled brews.

Brewery Huyghe was the pioneer in Belgium to introduce the 5 litre kegs of Delirium Tremens.

Delirium Red and La Guillotine soon followed. was happy to start offering the beer-kegs in our inventory of beers.

Many people got to know the cute-looking kegs, the apetite by beer-fans for beer in kegs is growing every year !!

The kegs are easy and fun to use, serve the kegs shilled before tapping away.

Beer-kegs are the perfect gift to fans of Belgian beer or to bring to a Summer barbecue and to share among friends.

Get your own flavor of Delirium keg @ today.

Cheers  –  Kurt


Author: Kurt

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