Tre Fontane and Spencer complete Belgiuminabox’s trappist selection

Spencer (originated in Massachusets,USA ) and Tre Fontane ( originated in Rome, Italy ) are the latest addition to the world of official trappist beers.

Belgiuminabox now provides the opportunity to have all official Trippast beers delivered at your doorstep!

Tre FontaneTre Fontane

L’abbazia della Tre Fontane was officially declared authentic trappist product since May 2015. Their beer is a tripel, and is brewed with eucalyptus cultivated in own soil. The name is based on a famous fountain in Rome. The origin of the breweries name takes us back to the ancient times. The legend tells Paulus the apostle was being beheaded there by emperor Nero. When his head fell on the ground it bounced three times. On the spot his head hit the ground, a fountain arised…




Saint Joseph’s abbey’s Spencer is the first -and so far only- trappist outside of the continent of Europe. Story goes the monastery was in financial need, but their original idea of building a windmill-park was prohibited by the local authorities. Spencer found the solution and with some help from Westmalle and Westvleteren, they’ve started producing their own beer.Over twenty test batches were made before settling on the final recipe.The abbey was declared official ATP on December 10th, 2013. They also produce a line of jams and jelly wich are sold under the brand new Trappist preserves and is very popular.

As we now have the biggest possible selection ( including all trappist beers,glassware and beer-signs currently out there ). We are very curious to what you think is currently thé best trappist beer out there !

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