Tasting Favourites : Cantillon’s Hopped Sours

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Cantillon’s hopped sours.

Cantillon hardly needs introduction. Brewing unsweetened lambic since 1900, they always kept true to their believes. They never gave in to the latest hype, or never messed around with additives. Still brewing the hard way. This passion-fueled brewery in Brussels makes lambics that are so spoken about, it is hard to find anyone who appreciates the style but doesn’t like Jean Van Roy’s attempts to make every single batch of beer a pure jewel.

Cantillon Iris

Iris is an exception for the breweries’ style. Strictly spoken not a lambic / gueuze beer, due to not using any wheat. Also, they made this beer with 50 % aged, and 50 % fresh hops, whilst traditional lambic contains 100 % aged hops. The result is this fresh, slightly amber beer, with a refined, complex taste. The spontaneous friends of Jean & co took over as soon as the actual brewing was done, making sure this beer is funky and sour. Barrel aging did the rest and Iris was born. Named after the symbol of Brussels, for those who asked themselves.

Cantillon Saint-Gilloise

Ever had a real lambic that was dryhopped, other than this one?

Truly unique in it’s category is this Cuvée Saint Gilloise. Also known as Cuvée Des Champions. This beer was named for the soccerteam Jean cheers for. It’s 2 year old lambic (carbonated, so very alike a gueuze) That was dry-hopped with Hallertau.

Cantillon Iris Glass
Cantillon Balloon Glass


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