Belgiuminabox : Rodenbach Vintage 2011 in 37.5 cl and 75 cl bottles

rodenbach-vintage-2011-075-lPalm Breweries, owner of Brouwerij Rodenbach recently released their newest version of the “Rodenbach Vintage 2011”.

For the first time the Rodenbach Vintage 2011 is bottled in 37.5 cl bottles, along with the regular 75 cl bottles.

Enjoy low prices for the 37.5 & 75cl bottles, till supply last :

Enjoy this truly great brew !!






Cantillon Connaisseurs Box


Kurt is happy to announce the release of the Cantillon Connaisseurs Box !

Belgiuminabox put together the ultimate Cantillon Connaisseurs Box for this Fall Season :



* Cantillon Kriek 2013

* Cantillon Mamouche 2011

* Cantillon 50N4E 2013

* Cantillon Iris 2013

* Cantillon Gueuze 2012

* Cantillon Rosé de Cambrinus 2011

Check the shop to learn the specifics of the product :



De Dolle Brouwers Oerbier Special Reserva 2009

download (8)In my never ending quest to find rare and aged beers, on my travels across Belgium I yesterday found a great brew : De Dolle Brouwers Oerbier Special Reserva.


Kris Herteleer, the master-brewer from De Dolle Brouwers brewed and bottled this Oerbier Special Reserva in 2009.


Info for the beer-connaisseurs and fans of De Dolle brews : every even year, the brewery makes a Stille Nacht Reserva (in 33 & 75 cl bottles) and every un-even year a Oerbier Reserva is brewed & bottled.

The Oerbier Special Reserva 2009 is now for sale @ Belgiuminabox :



Kurt – Antwerpen Sept 15 2013


Great Deal : Westvleteren 12 Full crate with original wooden Westvleteren crate has a great deal for Westvleteren fans :

Westvleteren 12 full crate (24 x 33cl bottles) with the original wooden crate included for 220 euro.

It’s the perfect beer-gift for any Trappist-fan out there – worldwide delivery !!


The 24 bottles are packaged with great care and attention to detail, the bottles are even protected against extreme temperatures during shipping by the termo-tubes they are packed in.

This Westvleteren 12 (voted as Best Beer in the World for many years in a row) come in their original Westvleteren wooden crate.

The crate is -by itself- a great Belgian beer-gift and is a nice piece of Belgian beer memorabilia to put on the shelf of your kitchen or private beer-cellar.

Note : Think ahead of the Holiday season and secure your Westvleteren crate today :


Ask Kurt for product details and availability !!



Struise Tsjeeses (Kerstbier) 2013, Reserva BBA & PBA 2012

download (6) download (7)download (5)This year’s version of De Struise Brouwers “Tsjeeses (Kerstbier) 2013” has been released.

Other brews of the Tsjeeses line also made it to market :

* Struise Tsjeeses Reserva BBA (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 2012

* Struise Tsjeeses Reserva PBA (Port Barrel Aged) 2012

All 3 Tsjeeses are currently available on the shop.

Struise fans may want to secure those Christmas brews for an upcoming tasting or for cellering.

Follow the direct links @ :





Poppies Gin 14-18 by Distillery Rubbens

download (4)Beloved by Soldiers – Original recipe

During the Great World War (WW I), Charles Rubbens distilled fine Flemish ‘gin’ in his famous distillery.

This exceptional spirit was made with only outstanding grains.

The typical flavor was the result of a refined balanced blend of selected herbs.

The precious recipe is still kept secretly safe till nowadays by the Rubbens family and it’s descendant master-distillers.

Rubbens “Poppies Gin” was a beloved delight behind the frontlines in Flanders’ Fields by British soldiers and their officers. It gave them strength and courage and let them forget for a moment the hard and cruel war…

Poppies Gin 14-18 distilled by Stokerij-Distillerie Rubbens from Wichelen is now for sale at :

100% Made in Belgium