Discount of 30 % on Shipping Costs during Xmas Season to Belgium and Neighbouring Countries

Belgiuminbox is introducing a 30% discount on shipping costs to Belgium and all it’s neighbouring countries during the 2012 Holiday Season!

These include: Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France and the United Kingdom.

We are ready and set to ship your Xmas gifts to business collegues, friends and family and personal purchases !!

This discount is automatically applied to your cart during checkout.

This discount only applies when shipping to Belgium or one of our neighbouring countries!

This action ends on January 1 2013.

Author: Kurt

Hi, This is Kurt, the shop-owner of Belgiuminabox. I write blogposts about newly released beers by Belgian brewers, introductions on my beer-shop and various beer-topics on the Belgian beer-scene. Check Belgiuminabox regulary to stay informed of the latest beer-info !! Cheers, Kurt Belgiuminabox

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